The history and future of the killer drone "Killer Drones"

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AmazonDelivery by drone (unmanned aerial vehicle)Although it is a drone that is becoming commonly used, such as aiming to realize, it is originally developed for military purpose. Drone armed with antitank missiles etc "Murdered drone (Killer Drones)"It is called" Iraq war "and it is reported that it has been put into actual war and involves many civilians. About the history of such a murderer unmanned aircraft and the new drone under developmentNew York PostIt is summarized.

The ultra-lethal drones of the future | New York Post

During the 13 years, unmanned aerial vehicles (Drone) were featured in aircraft magazines as the latest military technology, famous drama series and games "Call of Duty"It is raised year by year by being used in, for example. These unmanned aerial vehicles are called "killer drones" because they came to be used as weapons of war.

"Predator" with the name of "Predator (RQ - 1)In the 1980s the Pentagon'sNational Defense Advanced Research Projects BureauIt is a military unmanned aerial vehicle whose manufacturing started with DARPA. It was originally developed as a drone surveillance aircraft for monitoring purposes, but equipped with various sensors, in 2001Afghanistan conflictIn the CIA's anti-tank missile "HellfireArmed with.TalibanWhenAl QaedaAttack and killing by the first murderer unmanned aircraft against history was carried out.

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The CIA and the US Air Force have improved the predator to improve the operability, detection ability, shooting ability and murder unmanned aircraft "Reaper (MQ - 9)Developed. An unmanned aerial vehicle is counted as a powerful weapon as compared to other weapons owned by the US military. Reaper is armed with Hellfire, as well as laser-guided bombs and Stinger's air-to-air missiles.

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Predator and Reaper are not required to have a pilot onboard the aircraft, but need remote control rather than autopilot. The US military is actively introducing unmanned aircraft, but since it uses anti-tank missiles etc. to attack the target, it has the danger of getting involved with irrelevant people other than target. In addition, although you can see a state of attacking the target by manipulating the reaper in the following movie, you can see that it is possible to attack from quite high altitude.

MQ-9 Reaper UAV Predator - YouTube

The next-generation drone, which is still being developed, is expected to be able to slip through the nation's alert air defense zone, discover nuclear facilities from high altitude, and assassinate terrorist leaders.V2 rocketIn the place of the Second World War era when thousands of ballistic missiles such as ballistic missiles were used, it is not far future that the "Drone war" where thousands of unmanned aircraft are used as weapons happens to be a distant future, New York Post has warned.

As unmanned aircraft other than Predator · Reaper, in 1984 DARPA signed with Abraham Karem and was born "amberIn 1998, a sound speed stealth scouting aircraft "Black bird (SR-71)With the retirement of the pentagon unmanned aircraft that enables high altitude monitoring "Global Hawk (RQ - 4)"Stealth technology was used"Dark star (RQ - 3)Two high-altitude dunning drones unmanned aerial project started. Global Hawk has been put into actual war in Iraq war.

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In 2013, the US military introduced a new unmanned stealth scouting aircraftRQ-180"Mach 6 Hypersonic Drill Unmanned Reconnaissance"SR-72We are working on the development ofAviation WeekAlthough it is being reported, the Pentagon denies the existence of both aircraft. Although it is a drone in which various kinds are developed, the Pentagon insists that it does not allow the use of fully autonomous armed drone for a long time.

Also, the research organization of the US Air Force "Air Force Research Institute"Announced in 2009 animated movies on unmanned aircraft of" bird type "and" insect type "using micro technology called" M. A. V. It can be seen from the following.

US Air Force Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle - YouTube

The microdrone is distributed mainly around the destination from the sky.

The insect type drones look like this.

It is a bird-shaped drones that stops on the electric wire.

When you close up, your head is a movable camera, and I am monitoring the stopping white van.

When I find a target ... ...

Information is sent to the headquarters remotely and persons are identified from the camera's image.

The operation is via a compact controller.

When the car started moving, the propeller around the neck rotated and floated, and flight tracking started by flapping wings like birds.

The insect type drones are even smaller than the bird type ......

Two pairs of wings allow silent hovering. We wait until the door opens, etc. We monitor the target person with detailed operation.

Small insect type drone can also move in groups.

Besides monitoring, creeping behind the sniper in this way ......

Exploded and killed without being noticed by the sniper. It is possible that a suicide bombing attack with less risk is possible.

The actual model of the concept model of insect type drones has also been completed. Although it has not been put into practical use, it is expected that microdrone with high versatility such as monitoring and mounting by explosives will be the ultimate purpose of the US military.

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