Ice cave in Iceland · Super blue is like a blue shine like LED

In the world "Salt caveThere is a surprising cave such as "Iceland has a blue-shining ice cave."

Gozan Dynein ("I am Hello" in Icelandic language)!World newspaperA special reporterRyuta Matsudais.

Have you ever seen such a breathtaking scenery? Iceland introduced in the world newspaper "Blue Lagoon"Or"Golden CircleAlthough it is a country that can fully enjoy nature such as "Ice Cave" (ice cave) called Super Blue, I met a wonderful scenery.

◆ What is ice cave (ice cave)?
Unlike a cave made of common soil, which is a part of the glacier in Iceland, it is a cave where all the walls are made of ice. Ice caves are open to the public only during the winter months from November to the end of March. In Japan in 2013 "Miracle experience! Unbelievable"It was introduced to the world by the name Super Blue. Looking at "Super Blue Iceland", there are 240,000 search results!

Where is the ice cave?
The place we went this time is the largest glacier of Europe in the southeast of IcelandVatona yokeluis. It is the largest glacier in Iceland, with an area of ​​8,100 square kilometers covering 8% of the country.

It was about 5 hours by car from the capital city of Reykjavik. It will be this position on the map.

There are paved roads near this glacier, even ordinary cars can go, but if you go to Ice Cave you will need a large jeep. So, people who go with themselves without relying on tours recommend jeep rental. IThis companyWe took part in the tour of. Tour fee is 14,400 ISK (Iceland Krona) per person, about JPY 14000 if it is Japanese yen. By the way the car of the tour company was a super jeep (large jeep).

Well then let's go!
I went through the unpaved road without road in the previous jeep, then a few minutes on foot ... ....

You can see the Vatnajökull glacier in the distance.

All on one side is ice. I am amazed at the overwhelming size.

The guide is dropping melting melting entrance of the ice cave. It would be nice if only to melt and become water, but it is dangerous if it collapses as a large lump, so it seems to drop on purpose on a certain thickness.

In the immediate area of ​​the entrance, the ice layer is still thin, so it is crystal clear in light blue. The ceiling is very low, I will round in with the waist and go inside.

Ice was not flat, it was streamlined and it was Ueneune. Black ones on the surface are volcanic ash.

And as you go further, the ice layer becomes thicker and the blue color becomes darker proportionally. A spectacular view that you have not seen in the past living has spread.

The guide taught us the spot where the blue light looks like aurora. This area will be as high as you can stand.

This was the most beautiful spot. I did not get tired of seeing the ice pillar which the ice stretched to the ground and mysteriously shining blue and the space created by the gently reflecting ground it was watching.

◆ In the back of the ice cube ......
When I passed through the back of the ice cave, it became a square open perfectly. From here it seems that only the special people who have dedicated equipment can put in the back. And the ice masses as big as a human being were collapsing around. I feel frightened when I think that I hit such a thing. With the promise with the guide, I could not go near the ice blocks.

I took a picture on the wall of the ice which I was allowed to approach. Incidentally the height is about 6 to 7 meters. Humans are this size.

"Miracle experience! Ambilibabaud: a natural phenomenon of miracles!"Because bubbles are mixed in the rapidly cooled ice, sunlight strikes bubbles and it is scattered and looks white. However, since ice of Vakuna yokeur is compressed by its own weight of snow for a long time, bubbles will escape so blue light out of sunlight will pass. It seems that the blue light is stronger at the Vakuna Yorktur glacier with a thickness of up to 1000 m so that the inside of the cave is shining blue in the cave because the thicker the ice is, the thicker the blue becomes.

◆ In order to preserve this scenery from now on
I actually saw the scenery of this ice cave and I was touched by how truly such a scene was on the earth. And at the same time, I wanted to leave this scenery to future people. Indeed, it seems that ice cave is gradually shrinking over the last few years. This is thought to be caused by climate change and volcanic activity under the glacier. As volcanic activity is a natural phenomenon, the impact of human behavior on climate change is fully considered. To be honest, I was not interested in global warming, but I was witnessing this wonderful scenery, thinking "If I can not see the future future person by me, ... ...." I began to notice.

How was it? A mysterious ice cave remaining in Iceland, super blue. I got an opportunity to think about the future with a very beautiful scenery. When going to Iceland during winter time, please go to see this magnificent view.

Statement · Interview: Ryuta Matsuda

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