It is anticipated that Amazon will open a real store in the real world, how it delivers on the day and the urgent flight further evolve

ByÁlvaro Ibáñez

It is planned that Amazon of the biggest online mail order store will open a real shopWall Street JournalReported.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon plans to open its first real store in New York / Manhattan 34 th Avenue.

This first shop in Amazon will be used as a relay station for receipt of items ordered on the net and on the same day delivery flight (New Year) in New York. Furthermore, smartphone "Fire Phone"·E-book"Kindle series· STB "Fire TV"It might be used as a showroom where you can actually experience Amazon's digital products such asArs technicaI anticipate it.

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In order to realize delivery on the day more efficiently in the United States, where the distribution network has not been developed as much as in Japan, the importance of the relay stations in the center of the city is high, and the demand for places where direct merchandise can be received is also considered to be large. Amazon seems to begin to capture from the city center where high demand and profitability can be taken.

Although it is a store that is seen as an experimental attempt to the last, it is worth noting whether this style spreads all over the United States and even it is open in Japan.

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