It is reported that Amazon is planning a grocery drive-through type real shop

It is reported that it plans to open a store that Amazon can pick up fresh food items ordered on the net in a drive-through format. Apparently Amazon seems to be getting a bit steal of taking over the food market such as supermarkets.

Exclusive: Amazon planning drive-up grocery stores with first coming to Sunnyvale - sources - Silicon Valley Business Journal

Amazon already delivers food items in some areas such as the United States "AmazonFresh"Is carried out. AmazonFresh is a service that delivers goods handled in supermarkets, such as fresh food items such as vegetables and meat, daily goods generally, although it is a regional limited service, the reputation is very good, and the business seems to be performing well It is.

What is Amazon's fresh food delivery service "Amazon Fresh" which is unknown? - GIGAZINE

In addition to Amazon Fresh, Amazon is constructing a new "drive-through type grocery store" in Silicon Valley in the USASilicon Valley Business JournalIt reports. This new type of service is a service that can receive fresh food items ordered on the Internet by drive-through, and it will become a real store that can receive goods at a designated time after 2 hours from the order. Although it is supposed to be picked up by a car, it is expected that it can also receive items ordered by bicycle or walking.

Because "freshness" is important for perishable food items, it can be said to be a product unsuitable for general online mail order. However, not only AmazonFresh but also service that delivers consumption at the explosion speed within one hour "Prime NowAnd if you introduce a robot to the warehouse of goods and thoroughly refine efficiency, it is a cup of tea that you arrange to deliver goods at the customer's designated time , It seems that even fresh foods whose freshness is important are considered to be able to sell properly if they are drive-through type stores.

Conventionally, there are many people who want to shop fresh food such as vegetables and meat while looking at the real thing, so the opinion that it is not suitable for online sales was mainstream, but already that the supermarket net mail order business has been successful If you think about it, there will be business opportunities in Amazon's drive-through stores for fresh food. Rather, as long as you go get in with a car, the service that you can receive items you ordered 24 hours a day at your favorite time seems to be very popular.

Amazon often develops new services in Silicon Valley, and this drive-through type real shop is also expected to be conducted on a trial basis near the service development base, but Silicon Valley Business Journal says " I think that it may hit in Silicon Valley where there are many workers regardless of whether they are working or not. "

As Amazon, which aims to sell all kinds of goods, has begun to expand the tentacles seriously even for huge fresh food products, there is a possibility of rewriting the power map of the existing supermarket industry, so the trial of drive-through stores It seems that attention will be gathered not only from users who use services, but also from many market participants.

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