I tried using 'Air conditioning section chief' which can improve the direct hit of the air conditioner's wind

If you continue to receive cold air from the air conditioner all day long, the body will cool so much that you can not spend a short sleeve even though it is summer. In the ceiling-embedded air conditioner often used in the office, since the wind blows from the four directions, it tends to be in the state of "turning on if you get caught" by just adjusting the wind direction and set temperature, but only 1000 Air conditioning supplementary goods that anyone can easily distribute the air conditioner's wind in yen or less "Air conditioning section manager"Has appeared since July 1, 2015, so I tried it by attaching it to the air conditioner of the editing department to see how effective it actually is.

【Life plus one business division】 "Air conditioning section chief" to protect you from direct air shock of air conditioner released on July 1!

The air conditioning section manager can use the ceiling embedded type air conditioner which is often used in the office as follows. It is difficult to adjust the wind direction in an office with many people, cold people and hot people will come out simply by changing the setting from the panel. In the editorial department, two air conditioners are installed, but the editorial staff in the middle was doubled by the wind hit.

For that reason long-sleeved clothes are essential although it's summer. The accidentally forgotten day was "I wonder if I can survive the whole day ... ...?"

So when I looked for auxiliary equipment for air conditioners,A type of fan to be attached to the air conditionerThere was, but it is expensive and more than 20,000 yen. Things that are a bit more affordable ... ... so I found "air conditioning section chief", tried purchasing it.

The installation method is written on the reverse side, but the essential point is that it is very simple thing only to paste the double sided tape attached from the former to the wind outlet.

What is inside is one transparent feather like this.

First, remove the auxiliary flap in the wing.

After folding the claw and the socket ... ...

Insert three claws and assemble.

Completion in an instant.

Looking from the side it will be shaped like half a droplet.

Immediately sticking the protective sheet of adhesive tape.

Since the embedded type air conditioner has a four-way air outlet, it sticks in front of the air outlet where direct wind blows.

Finally complete by folding both ends.

When thinking, since the total length of the air conditioning section manager is shorter than the air outlet of the air conditioner attached, we also attach the auxiliary flap while adjusting it to block the wind.

When installation is completed it is like this. Because it is transparent, it is hard to see from a distance, it does not look bad as you thought.

I tried to attach red arrows that originally appeared and blue arrows after the installation. The wind which was coming out straight from the blowout port is blocked by the air conditioning section chief, and the wind is distributed downward and left and right through the gap of the main body. Also, the temperature of the room will not rise due to the influence of the air conditioning section manager.

As a result, the editorial staff who had been hit by the wind from the two air conditioners was able to spend comfortably even as a short sleeve.

We heard the person at the position where the wind hit at a pinpoint, and installed two air conditioning section chiefs in one air conditioner, another editorial staff also said, "There is no direct hit of the wind and it will not cause a cold feeling "" I got a comment that I got comfortable enough to understand that I was receiving cold wind all over my upper body. " Although it predicted that the wind hits directly to the editorial staff under the air conditioner due to the change in the wind direction, for the reason that the received wind was dispersed and flowing, fortunately "On the contrary There seemed to be no one saying that the wind began to hit directly.

When it touched sticky too much at the time of installation, the fingerprint was sometimes floating up with cold as below, so if you care about the appearance, it is better if you installed gloves. In addition, although the thing where the tape was not stuck firmly was dropped once, it was never falling down after fixing it properly where we installed all six places. However, as it is attached for a while and winds always produce a "patter" sound, it seems that stickiness will decline when used for a long time by continuing to receive a direct hit of the wind.

Also, although there was condensation in some places, it did not reach enough for droplets to drip down, so it is very safe.

Because it was transparent, it was thin enough not to know unless you looked closely, it was easy to install and it was effective as well, so it was becoming a goods you would like us to try out by those who are suffering "Office air conditioning ......" It was. By the way, since you can also prevent direct hit of warm air by heating, it is OK all year round. In addition, the air conditioning section manager enters two pieces, and the list price is 950 yen including tax. At the time of article creation, when it is direct from Amazon, it is 755 yen including tax, it is much cheaper if you go through Amazon Market Place or it will be higher if you put in a shipping fee.

Amazon.co.jp: Protect you from direct air conditioners [Air conditioning section manager] 2 pieces entered: DIY · Tool

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