Amazon builds an air cargo hub that can hold 40 cargo aircraft over about 170 billion yen

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With the expansion of worldwide transportation demand, Amazon found out that it plans to construct an air cargo hub capable of storing 40 freighters. Plans First Air Cargo Hub - WSJ

Amazon will build its own $ 1.5 billion air cargo hub | TechCrunch

Amazon has plans to construct a new air cargo hub by investing 1.5 billion dollars (about 169.3 billion yen) in order to build a distribution business with the largest logistics system in the world. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon's first air cargo hub is to be built on the state border between Cincinnati, Ohio and Kentucky, which can store 40 giant transport machines, It is believed to produce about 2,000 new jobs.

Amazon already has already entered the marine transportation business and has the ability as a "freight forwarder" like FedEx and UPS and owns the world's largest cargo transportation system by possessing an air cargo hub It will be. Meanwhile, Amazon has said that "I do not intend to compete with other carriers" from the past, and ultimately hopes to provide transport services to both external companies and retailers.

Amazon has advanced into shipping business - GIGAZINE

Global demand for transportation is steadily expanding, for example, at times like the holiday season, Amazon has not kept pace with demand even if full use of external delivery partners. It is believed that Amazon plans to build an air cargo hub following the shipping business because it seems to expand the capacity of the transportation industry as a whole, but in the future it is also thought that it will become independent by delivery business alone Yes.

It has been rumored that Amazon has plans to build an air cargo hub for several years and GIGAZINE has also posted it in the past as follows.

What is the unknown logistics hub concept "Aerosmith" plan for Amazon's advance to the transport industry? - GIGAZINE

In addition, Amazon announced the fourth quarter financial results on February 2 of the local time, sales were 43.7 billion dollars (about 4.9 trillion yen), a 27% increase from the previous year, net profit was 74 4900 It was a million dollars (about 84 billion yen). Announces Fourth Quarter Sales up 22% to $ 43.7 Billion | Business Wire

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