"FedEx Fulfillment" to stock goods in warehouse like Amazon and take over logistics of retailers started operation


For the EC site that sells products online, it is a very important process to inventory goods from packing, shipping and shipping, as well as manpower and costly parts. FedEx Supply Chain, a subsidiary of FedEx, which is deploying services worldwide in the major logistics in the US, announced on February 7, 2017, a logistics service that targets small- and medium-sized retailers "FedEx FulfillmentWe announced that we launched.

FedEx Supply Chain Launches FedEx Fulfillment

FedEx's new service takes aim at Amazon - Feb. 7, 2017

When the EC site uses FedEx Fulfillment, we send out the products to the warehouse of FedEx in the United States and Canada and outsource inventory management and shipping business. When the EC site that received the order from consumer sends the order information to FedEx Fulfillment, it is the service that the staff of FedEx Fulfillment performs picking and packing of products, shipping and delivery in the warehouse where the products are in stock . With this service, the EC site has the merit that you can consign resources on inventory management and shipping to FedEx with know-how as a whole. When shipping, not only packaging materials with the FedEx logo but also products can be shipped with boxes and envelopes designed by the EC site independently.

Services of this kind are not necessarily new, but we also offer a service that keeps items in Amazon's warehouse even on retail giants · Amazon. And since these items will be able to be purchased on Amazon, there is the merit that the opportunities for sales will increase for the EC site.

However, selling goods by other companies on Amazon's selling commodities at home also means that you can see all the hands on Amazon. When Amazon understands that sales of goods sold by third parties are good, Amazon will handle the products at their own company, and the EC site will be deprived of Amazon's sales by carefully building up the trouble It exists.

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However, because FedEx does not retail in-house, it is a merit of FedEx Fulfillment that this kind of problem does not occur. Ryan Kelly, senior vice president of FedEx Supply Chain, told CNNTech's interview, "We provide useful services by supporting the growth of retail business, which is what we call Amazon Marketplace and It is the discrimination point of this, and that's why we get a lot of feedback. "

FedEx plans to expand the service of FedEx Fulfillment by modifying approximately 130 warehouses in the United States and Canada. The targeted EC site has secured a certain number of customers above a certain level, and it seems that the majority of companies that do not need to find customers on Amazon and other platforms will be main.

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