Risk of sudden server death of Intel's Atom C2000 series adoption server, Intel is not announcing details during response

According to Intel's Atom C2000 processor adopted for many products such as micro server and network equipment, there is a problem that the system stops running and stopsThe RegisterIt reports. I admit that Intel is responding to The Register, but I do not disclose details.

Intel's Atom C2000 chips are bricking products - and it's not just Cisco hit • The Register

Intel Atom chips have been dying for at least 18 months - only now is truth coming to light • The Register

According to Intel's SoC "Atom C2000" adopting Cisco's network equipment "The rate at which problems will occur more than 18 months from the start of use will increase sharply"CautionWas issued. The content is that the network device that was working normally is in a system halt state because the component fails and the system can not be activated. As a result of this, when The Register began investigating the trouble, Cisco acknowledged that there are other companies using the same component for the cause of the trouble and that it is working in cooperation with the component provider , He said he did not clarify what the trouble is and what the component provider is.

After that, as a result of compiling the information from information providers etc. that revealed the contents of trouble on condition of anonymity, the fact that Intel 's Atom C2000 power saving processor shipped in 2013 is caused by the series Turn out. In addition, Intel is the Atom C2000 seriesErrataOninformation(PDF file)Was announced in January 2017.

The Atom C2000 series is an SoC used in many products including Synology's NAS, Cisco's network equipment, AsRock's CPU built-in mother board and so on. While the general server refresh cycle is 3 to 5 years, the NAS and network products that employ Atom C2000 are often used for relatively long periods of 5 to 10 years, and many of the target products are " It is considered to be active.

According to information obtained from sources familiar with the industry by The Register, Intel said it has a strong confidentiality agreement with manufacturers that supply chips. Because of this confidentiality agreement, manufacturers with troubles with products using Atom C2000 series such as Cisco and Synology are unable to announce that the cause is on the chip of Intel, notice to the user about the problem It seems that you are holding a head because you can not alert or notify the countermeasure.

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