Raspberry Pi's official release details on the death flash phenomenon that occurs when shooting in flash

ByGareth Halfacree

The latest model of single board computer released on February 1, 2015 "Raspberry Pi 2Occurred inDeath Flash phenomenonAbout Raspberry Pi 2 official released the cause and details of the phenomenon.

Xenon Death Flash: a free physics lesson | Raspberry Pi

The death flash phenomenon discovered by a user named PeterO means that suddenly the operation stops when shooting Raspberry Pi 2 with flash. When I tried by a user other than PeterO, I noticed that this phenomenon occurred not only with the flash of the camera but also with the laser pointer.

The official site of Raspberry Pi released the cause and details of the phenomenon in response to user's pointed out. According to the official website, in the part called U16 which is operating the core power of the processor, the high luminance and long wavelength used in the cameraXenon flash lampOr a laser pointer, it seems that the core voltage drops abruptly and stops the operation.

In addition, the cause of the crash is one of package form of semiconductor partsWafer level CSPI found out that there is. The smallest wafer level CSP among semiconductor packagesWire bondingBecause the internal wiring is not done, a part of the semiconductor remains exposed.

When a part of the exposed semiconductor is exposed to a xenon flash or a laser pointer, electrons are emitted or increased by the irradiation of lightPhotoelectric effect, Which means that the semiconductor silicon chip circuit stops functioning and as a result Raspberry Pi 2 will reboot. However, it is investigating which part of the silicon chip circuit the photoelectric effect occurs. The official site says, "If we locate the site where the photoelectric effect is occurring, we can deal with Raspberry Pi 2 that will be produced in the future so that the same phenomenon will not occur".

The phenomenon discovered this time only reboots Raspberry Pi 2, it does not cause permanent malfunction in the main body. Moreover, this phenomenon occurs only when using xenon flash and laser pointer, it does not occur with other kinds of light such as indoor lighting and sunlight. If it is necessary to hit the Xenon flash to shoot the Raspberry Pi 2, it seems to prevent crashing if you paste a sticky rubber like Brutac on U16.

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