"Siri" vs. "Google Now" vs. "Cortana", if you can correctly answer the question Whether the winner of the confrontation?

Personal assistant function by speech recognition which can talk to smartphone or tablet to execute various search and operation can save time and effort of inputting characters, so it is easier to do various things under the circumstances where keys are difficult to strike I will. Then,Google Now"Voice search and Microsoft announced in April 2014Speech recognition assistant "Cortana"· And Apple's "Siri"Which platform is the most outstanding?Stone TempleTested it.

The Great Knowledge Box Showdown: Google Now vs. Siri vs. Cortana

In the test, we threw 3086 questions towards the three platforms and competed for the correct answer rate. This test did not compete for "How useful is the three platforms", but a comparison of "how much will you answer to the question using answer columns". For example, if you put the question "What quarter is 1 gallon?", Google Now will show you the answer like this with "answer column" like this.

So, the results of the three platforms for the question are. Google Now gave the most accurate answer to 1795, 58% of the total question, Siri got the correct answer of 908 which is 29% of the total, Cortana correct 630 questions which is 20% of the total.

Among the answers that got the correct answer, the number of answers that the kitchen was answered as "perfect answer", "When was the Great Wall built?" "It was completed in 206 BC" is as follows. 88% of correct answers, 53% of Siri, 40% of Cortana were complete answers for Google Now.

However, this does not necessarily mean that Siri and Cortana's ability is low. In many cases, the two platforms often "do not answer directly using answer columns". For example,Stanley CupWhen? Cortana's response to the question "This is like this. Although we do not actually provide an answer column and present the answer "when it will be done", we will find websites such as Stanley Cup 2014 information and Wikipedia.

And Siri's answer to the question "Who has the most patents?" This is also not clearly saying "Who is it", but I will present the contents of Wikipedia so that I can search for it myself.

And the answer column of Google Now is not necessarily right, "Gettysburg AddressHow long is it? Despite hearing "Wikipedia content, there are things that will not return accurate answers."

Also, as an even more interesting thing, it has also been found that there are differences in the way each response is made for each of the three platforms.

◆ For Google Now
In the case of Google Now, data collected from various sourcesKnowledge graphAs shown below. For example, when you hear the height of the Eiffel Tower, it displays the height of the structure in the world besides the answer of "301 m". This is because Google knows that "people who want to know the height of the Eiffel Tower often want to know the height of other structures".

If you click "Burj Khalifa" which was in the lower left, a list of the height of the structure is displayed.

Who is on the 5 dollar bill? The result is kore. It is a quote from Wikipedia.

Will you quote from Wikipedia only? Otherwise, if you do a search saying "To become a firefighter" you will see the steps until you become a firefighter on another website.

What you can see from this search result is that the answer that Google gives is "type that can obtain all responses in the search results without opening the website" "several steps out of all answers are displayed, The type that needs to open a website to know "and" type that needs to obtain all the information by opening a website ".

Also, it is very rare, but there were also types that display answers directly extracted from the website under a question like "How old is the Colosseum?"

Google Now's answer is "accuracy", but sometimes Google Now will also answer from another direction. When asking "How much is a one-quarter cup of butter?", "1 cup of butter is 8 ounces (about 230 g), so you can calculate yourself later").

◆ For Siri
To the question "Why is the sky blue?"Wolfram | AlphaAnswer that it is written in.

Depending on the question, we will quote from Wikipedia.

When asking "When is the time of the morning sun?", Yahoo! Quoting weather forecast information from.

It may also display the result of the image search.

There was a mistake in Google Now, but Siri may also make a mistake. When asked, "What does the cardiologist do?", Two heart disease specialists living near the place where you are located were displayed in the search results.

◆ For Bing / Cortana
The same thing happened with Google Now, but in Cortana, there was a case that the answer was different between when asking by typing characters using the keyboard and when inputting by voice. However, a direct answer came back for a simple question "2 + 2?" And, as a feature of Cortana, it often returned movies of YouTube as an answer.

It also features the contents of the Oxford dictionary when examining the meaning of words.

Wikipedia andFreebase,The New York TimesMay be displayed as a source. When I looked up the founder of Facebook, the content of Wikipedia was shown.

Sometimes we provide information by combining several sources.

When asking "What is love?", There was also a unique one such as "An answer of hundreds of years to reply" will be returned.

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