Purchasing a relatively inexpensive office chair "sail chair" to improve back pain showed more effect than imagined

"Sitting for 6 hours a day increases the risk of death by 40%"Desk work that keeps sitting is dangerous," back pain "is also one of the evils that desk work that leaves such sitting will bring. According to the survey result of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the back pain population in Japan is28 million peopleThis means that more than 20% of the total population suffers from low back pain. Even those who are not currently hurting their backs suffer a sense of incompatibility suddenly on the waist while the load on the body accumulated in the accumulation due to the bad posture of the day, while being left as "young and okay" It is becoming a nie ... ... It is common thing.

One way to ease and improve such back pain is to "purchase an office chair that suits your body" and for yourself "Sail chairIt was to purchase and sit on this and go into the desk work.

Sail chair - office chair - Herman Miller

◆ chair not suited to body and bad posture
Back pain worsened to the extent that I had to replace my office chair because I had been sitting in an office chair that did not match my body at all for almost a year.

The office chair that I loved until my back hurts is kore. I did not sit in various office chairs and picked it all up, but since I only had this chair, I started to use it in a flow that was automatically assigned.

Even if I sit normally, the seating surface is too big and the backrest does not touch the back, the backrest has been in use for about 1 year with almost no function.

Forcibly forcibly trying to sit back on the back, this state ......

My legs have floated.

Since you can not work properly with your feet floating, you will sit and work without using the backrest at all, and the spine will draw a beautiful arch like a red line and form an ideal humpback if you notice it It will look like.

Of course, this office chair alone is not the cause of back pain, and at homeA sofa which makes people unnecessaryThere was also, this was also putting a big burden on the waist.

These elements overlapped each other, and one day suddenly a severe pain ran to the waist, which made it impossible to get up from the bed and to raise a voice that was not voice ... .... From that day on, the symptoms themselves improved day by day by avoiding a burden on the waist as much as possible, but as if it had become completely different creatures until then, "quick movement" and "Before bending posture", "sitting on the ground" and so on can not be done with severe pain, I always felt a little pain on my waist unless stretched the back muscle or stretched my back.

I thought that "If I do not manage it as soon as possible, I will go out with my back pain for the rest of my life." When I consulted about back pain within the editorial department, "I review the office chair that supports my body every day It is said that you should purchase office chairs that match your own body of New.

So to check the comfort of various office chairs first, we invade the editorial office where no editorial staff has left and try to sit in various office chairs. Of course, one of the important points when choosing your own office chair that you sitting on multiple office chairs is one of the following, with only one point: "The burden on your waist is the least."

· Fit back part and body
· Chairs that waist will turn forward when reclining is NG
· Loose chair of reclining takes a burden on waist when getting up so out
· Since the height of the armrest part is low, absolutely check

In order to find an office chair suitable for your body while rebounding these points in your head,IDC Otsuka Furniture Osaka Nanko ShowroomWhat. Here, when sitting in various chairs, the miraculous chair which mirrored fitted quite nicely with my waist, such as "Oh, hoo!?" Is a sail chair and the burden on the waist is It was a little less comfortable to sit on, and the price was also relatively conscientious, so I bought it on the net with haste.

And the sail chair ordered a few days later arrived. If I thought of how it would arrive, I was in a gigantic corrugated cardboard box.

Cut the PP band holding the box.

There is no cushioning material in the corrugated cardboard, the sail chair covered with a plastic bag is perfect.

I pulled this out of the box and took the covered vinyl and the sail chair finally revealed its appearance.

This is the only written guarantee and explanation that comes with purchase. Among the orange cards, how to use the sail chair is written in illustrations in English, and white guarantee · owner's manual is written in Japanese in Japanese.

So when I take out instructions and vinyl, it looks like this. Since the sail chair arrives in a state assembled in advance, it is not possible to pass through the entrance and narrow space, so be careful.

The name of each part is like this, you can choose the color of the base & frame suspension, finish, arm finish, clothing freely.

Looking from the side this way.

Pashari from the back. Y-shaped parts that support the backrest are characteristic.

Speaking of the characteristics of a sail chair, the back part of this knitting is to say anything. This is a flexible elastomer material, breathability is good, summer is pretty good because the back can not be steamed.

The backrest part has such a feeling that the part that fits the waist is attached in front, this will fit the entire waist in a good condition and will support you.

The shape of the backrest part of the braided knitting will be deformed to fit the body shape, so that the shape deforms mushy when trying by pushing it by hand, and it distributes the body pressure.

Zhang is not black, it is an olive black with a little green color. The cushion is not too hard, it's not too soft and comfortable to sit is also good.

You can see that when you push the armrest part with your fingers it becomes a soft material. However, sitting on a sail chair with one T-shirt and continuing to put elbows on this armrest for a long time, sometimes the elbow slightly hurts.

At the bottom left of the seat, a lever for adjusting the seat (upper) and a lever for adjusting the reclining range (lower).

The seat is movable by this amount.

The lever for reclining range adjustment is Kore.

By changing the position of the tip you can change the reclining range in three steps.

Bend the lever to 90 degrees ......

The reclining range is minimized, and the backrest collapses almost vertically just like the shape of the lever.

And moving the lever to about 150 degrees ... ...

The reclining range is the maximum, and it will be able to be defeated so far.

In the lower right corner of the seat there are round parts that can adjust the hardness of the reclining and a lever to adjust the height of the seat. Although it is necessary to turn parts considerably for the hardness adjustment of the reclining, the hardness of the reclining burdens on the loose waist From a great hardness, it is wide to adjust to hardness which can not be reclined unless it is stepped on by the feet of the kicker hole Is possible.

The sail chair has outstanding fit of the backrest part and the body, and the point that the spine stretches cleanly without bending the backbone even if it attached to the backrest part is personally pretty good. Since the position of the seating surface is moved, it is possible to make effective use of the backrest, and when the posture got somewhat worse, it continued to consciously stick the back to the backrest part and correct the posture correctly did.

This office chair is fitted with the front fitting part in front and it fits a good feeling, but the upper part of the backrest is sticking forward and the backbone turns loose and turns into an inverted S shape. Like this office chair, the top of the backrest is lying a little while ago, there are many cases where the backbone is loose and turns into an inverted S shape, but in my case it seems not to be compatible with the waist for a long time I had a strange load on my waist and back pain became terrible.

In that respect, since the backrest part of the sail chair is stretched straight ahead, there is almost no burden on the waist even if you sit for a long time and work. Also, thanks to having caused immediate action after hurting your back, about a month after actually becoming sitting on a sail chair, the symptoms of your lower back dramatically improved, and how you sit with a heavy burden on your waist I succeeded in restoring it to the same state as before it hurt almost unless it took a long time.

To mention one disappointing point, it is difficult to adjust the armrest part, lifting up to the highest position of the armrest, it lifts too much and drops to the bottom and this tends to be repeated over and over again It is a point.

"Sail chair" Adjust the height of the armrest - YouTube

It is best to use office chairs suitable for each body, but look for new office chairs, such as "I do not match what I am currently using" or "I want to buy a new one soon" When you are pressed for necessity, it is Ali to actually sit as a candidate for a sail chair. You can purchase one of your favorite coloring,Embay chairYou can experience the comfort of inferior to the high-class office chair that costs more than 100,000 yen. The sale chair is quite different in price depending on the color, but when you look at Amazon.co.jp it can be purchased from about 70,000 yen not to be cut off, you can purchase it as a relatively reasonable price as an office chair.

Amazon.co.jp: Herman Miller + (Herman Miller) + Enbody Chair: Kitchen Store

On the net, the sail chairSqueakingAlthough it is regarded as a problem, I have not heard the squeak sound yet at this stage that I continue to use it for more than two months.

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