I tried sitting on a sports car seat-like office chair 'Blitz'

A chair that has its name "Blitz" meaning flashing "Bauutte EX-23 Blitz(Tax included 10,286 yen) ". The design which arranged a line of bright orange, such as the appearance which is not seen so much in the general office chair is unique, the function of the back pocket and the hanger holder seems to be comparatively convenient, so I borrowed the actual thing I actually decided to sit down and look into usability.

Arrived in such a cardboard box.

Since there are seven main parts and parts such as rollers and screws, you need to assemble yourself while watching the instruction manual.

First of all we installed casters. Especially tools are unnecessary, if you press the shaft of the caster into the hole of the leg with the force of the hand it is OK.

Repeat the same operation and install 5 casters.

Just insert the gas cylinder used for height adjustment of the seat part with the stone in the hole in the middle of the leg part.

Next attach the metal part of the seat support to the back side of the seat part.

Stop the four screws with the supplied hexagonal wrench ... ...

It would be OK if we could fix the parts like this.

Also fasten the armrest with a screw ...

Install on both sides as follows.

Later, just place the backrest between the armrests and screw it.

Since the parts are assembled as follows, it is completed by putting on the leg which was assembled earlier. Since each part has weight, it is work that is tiring and tired by one person, and it takes time for 10 minutes.

The finish is like this.

The seat part is made of synthetic leather made of polyurethane with urethane foam inside, it seems that it will not hurt your butt even if you sit for a long time.

Since there is a little cushion behind the head, it is comfortable like a pillow when the backrest is knocked down.

Orange stripes that are accented in design are made of three-dimensional tubes.

An armrest with slight cushions in there.

Since the armrest has become a flip-up type, it can be stored aside the backrest when not in use.

Adjust height and inclination with the lever under the seat.

It is possible to tilt the seat and backrest backward by unlocking it.

Since there is a protective cover on the legs of the chair with the casters, keeping the shoes on the outside wearing feet on this part will not be noticeable even if dirt is attached.

You can hook a hanger etc on the belt behind the backrest.

Looking from behind like this.

Pocket with iPad etc can be inserted.

A man with a height of about 165 cm, middle-sized meat sits down like this. Both the seat and backrest are moderately cushioned and the body does not sink down, but it is an exquisite balance that weight does not get concentrated in a specific place and it does not hurt any more.

Since the height of the armrest can not be adjusted, when the body and posture do not match, the arm may become a little cramped angle when using the PC.

When defeating the backrest and using it it is like this.

The white model of the product is as follows.

Specifications other than color such as the back and armrest are the same as black.

Sitting feeling is exactly the same.

So, the office chair chooses with a design focus, but a person who wants to seek certain quality also in comfort is a product of need check.

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