A dramatic burden even if you sit for a long time Review Herman Miller 'Mira 2 Chair' using a week

Although it seems to be a fate for office workers that it hurts to hurt while sitting down, the backrest being sold at 3990 yen at Amazon is hard to lean backOffice chairI used it for more than a year, I got chronic pain on my shoulder and waist. Because low back pain worsened so much that it hindered work, when I searched for an office chair, a new work by Herman Miller "Mira 2 chairIt seemed to have the ideal function, so "Work chair 30 day trialActually using it for a week I tried it.

Mira 2 chair - office chair - Herman Miller

The office chair which this was using for more than one year. It seems easy to sit because the backrest is up to the head, but the burden of being brought back was great, I used a cushion on my back and used it.

Since the position of the armrest is also fixed, when the PC touched, one arm floated and the muscle around the right shoulder also hurt. When going to the osteopathic clinic, it is said that "it can not exist, the shoulders are stiff," the spine is bent, "the lines of the left and right shoulder are asymmetric", certainly all private photos show right shoulder It was down. Even if I walk alone, my hurt seems to be a painful pain, and finallyOverseas coverageEven if I thought about how slowly the body was screaming, I had a trouble with my work, so I decided to look for an office chair that I can work in the best condition.

Three points that I emphasized in looking for office chairs were as follows.
· Working while leaning on the backrest
· No burden on the waist even if you sit for a long time
· Can work while placing both arms on armrest

That's why I searched for chairs that fit the conditions, and Herman Miller's "Mira 2 Chair" was the best, but because of the high office chair price of over 130,000 yen at a fixed price, this time carefully Herman Miller We are conducting at the official store of "Work chair 30 day trialI decided to try it for a long time with the use of.

That's why I entered a huge box and Mira 2 chair arrived.

There is no packing material, etc., and chairs assembled are included.

Take the contents and bring it to the office. Instructions are hanging from under the seat. This time it was the fastest way to reach it, but it was blue, but the material and color of the frame, the seat etc.Customized orderIt is also possible.

That's why I am ready to sit down. It is a design that reduces fatigue at the time of sitting without holding heat by improving breathability by mesh processing on both the seat and the backrest. I feel a sense of incompatibility as if the feeling when sitting is floating. The mesh material seems to cool down in summer, but it feels a bit chilly in winter. However, it seems that it will lead to fatigue if heat is trapped, so it is better to use cushion etc. without pinching.

Looking from the side like this.

The mesh processing of the backrest is also good design.

The backrest is made of a graphite plastic material called "Butterfly Back", with a white framework covering it. He said that he will maintain a healthy sitting posture by fitting to any body in any small movement.

The mesh ground of the seating surface is thin enough to think that "Is it okay to sit?", The lower mechanism is transparent. Actually there is no problem with strength.

Five legs of chair legs.

◆ Mira 2 chair can adjust any place to your preference
"Mira 2 chair" will allow you to fine-tune various places of the chair so that you can sit in the best condition according to the user's body, so we will explore the best position. First of all, the chair height is OK by pulling the lever on the right.

Although the seat surface can not move back and forth, when pushing the lever at the back of the seat surface while pulling it ... ....

You can bend and bend the seat to fit your knee.

Although it is a little confusing, there is a mechanism like a spring on the back side of the seating surface, so even if you sit in a state with the seat surface stretched, there is elasticity and the comfort of sitting is good.

Although the backrest of the office chair which I used up to now was not comfortable even if it was too hard, Mira 2 chair can adjust the hardness of the reclining by turning the lever on the right side. This feature was one of the frequently used functions even though I used it for a week.

If you adjust to just the right pressure, you can realize that the feeling of catching your back and falling down to be wrapped when you are brought down is "sitting on a good chair." In addition, you can see the state that the reclining hardness is being adjusted by looking at the following movie.

Herman Miller "Mira 2 Chair" Adjusting the Pressure of the Back - YouTube

There are two types of levers on the left side of the chair.

The lever on the right side can change the angle of collapse when reclining. This is a state in which it can only be brought up to an angle close to a right angle in one step.

If you change the lever up to 3 stages, you can lean so deeply that you thought "I will fall behind and fall down!" By adjusting with pressure adjustment, even when working while lying deeply, the backrest will gently push back the entire back and you can sit for a long time without burdening very much. Since there is no headrest, the head will float if it leans deeply, but probably it is comfortable in sole because it is comfortable enough to sleep when there is a headrest.

The armrest also follows the angle and follows. In addition, please check the state that the reclining angle is being adjusted with the following movie.

Herman Miller 'Mira 2 Chair' adjusts reclining angle 3 steps - YouTube

The lever on the left side can change the angle at which the backrest comes back when it is not leaning in two stages, "deep" and "shallow", the following is a "shallow" state.

When it is "deep" it looks like this.

Armrest which can perform various position adjustments is also one of attractions which chose Mira 2 chair. You can adjust the height by pulling the knob at the base of the armrest.

In addition to changing the orientation of the armrest, the position can be adjusted back and forth and right and left. Because you will lean your arm if you do not put your arms on the armrest or put your arms on your desk and you will be in a forward leaning posture so you can bring armrests to the best position while leaning, became. In addition, you can see the range of movement of the armrest by looking at the following movie.

How to move the armrest of Herman Millar "Mira 2 Chair" back and forth, right and left - YouTube

Although it relieves the burden of the waist enough to be adjusted by pressure adjustment and angle of the backrest, it is a pleasant place not only to support the entire back but also support parts that support the waist at pinpoint. Support is floating when lever is on top.

As you turn the lever downwards, the support will be pushed in and you will feel the pressure on your waist.

It is also possible to move the support up and down according to the position of the waist.

Looking from the side like this.

That's why all adjustments are completed. You can work while placing your arms on the armrest in a position that does not make your head hard, and even when typing for a long time, the feeling of fatigue has changed.

When looking from the side, no burden is placed on the back and waist at all even if leaning back slowly. It's been a week since I started using it, but apparently from the first day my chronic pain on the back has been relieved and after I hurt my back I should have been saying "Itete" like an old man when wearing shoes However, when I noticed it was supposed to put on my shoes without feeling any pain. For example, it fits the body like a bead cushion, but since the position where the center of gravity is applied changes depending on the seating posture, it seems to reduce the burden in every posture.

So, the Mira 2 chair is not an office chair of a price range that can be purchased easily, but the back pain is almost reduced and the stiff shoulder is also becoming a good feeling, so I felt that the corresponding effect was obtained . "Embay chairToo expensive ... ... "For those who thought that it was the value ant of Mira 2 chair review.

As of the writing of the articleThe price of Amazon is 13,3900 yen including tax. Because it changes only 20 yen from the list price for the latest work by Herman Miller, it is necessary to pay the full amount, but it may be good to utilize the official store which is carrying out 30 day return campaign.

Mira 2 Chair Base & Frame: Graphite Base / Graphite Frame / Butterfly Back & amp; Latitude Fabric: Graphite / Black / Arm Pad Finish: Black / Air Weave 2 Suspension: Graphite Work Chair Herman Miller Online Store

◆ Monitor arm rental
Furthermore, when you purchase the target product at Herman Miller official store, "14-day monitor arm free rental campaignAs we were implementing it, we also borrowed it here. When attached to the desk, you can bring the notebook PC to the desired position and work.

Tablet can also be installed. If you are going to spread documents with PC, if you do not use PC, turning the arm makes it easy to secure the working space on the desk.

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