Herman Miller's new chair "Mirra 2" will be coming soon

Evaluated by ergonomic chairHerman MillerOne of the work chairs ofMira chairNew chair to be the later generations "Mirra 2"Will appear soon.

Mira 2 chair - office chair - Herman Miller

6 Mirra 2 are displayed in the office.

The hole-filled design which was characteristic of Mira chair has been taken over, but the inner cover of Mirra 2's butterfly back has a thin cover.

Design to harmonize for work space at home.

The sitting part is made to be floating, and it fits to the position that is instantly suitable for dynamic movement and minimum movement together with the backrest.

A piece of cloth to which a thin cloth material is affixed.

It looks simple and makes it based on ergonomics.

When a person sits down, it looks like this.

The backrest can be warped loose.

We reduced the weight by 22% while improving while taking over the good part of Mira chair.

The color is available in 8 colors for the backrest and 2 colors for the frame, you can choose from 16 types.

Although the release date and sales value of Mirra 2 has not yet been announced,Herman Miller's Mirra 2 PageSince it is displayed as "Coming Soon", you may find out the details soon.

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