I continued to use the 'embody chair' that reduces the burden on the body when sitting along the spine.

As research results show that '

sitting for a long time shortens life as much as smoking ', sitting work that looks easier than standing work is also difficult, 'what do you sit and work?' Is an important matter. Herman Miller's ' Embodied Chair ' is an option. After actually using it in the office for about a year, the sitting work became less painful.

Embody Chair --Office Chair --Herman Miller

In the first place, what I was using in front of this chair was looking for a mass retailer, 'Isn't there something for about 30,000 yen?', And decided by sitting down and comparing the three and four chairs that were placed. The cushioning performance was high, and the backrest was large and spacious, so it wasn't bad to use it in relaxed mode, but the chairs tended to fall back and it was difficult to lean forward. It turned out that it was a little painful to keep rattling the PC on the desk while using it.

Also, since the elbow rest was also fixed, when the desk changed, it got caught due to height reasons, so I decided to work in a strange posture. As a result of continuing this, mysterious pain in the shoulders and lower back began to appear, so I stopped using it as 'This is Ikan' and decided to purchase an embody chair because it would not be such a situation. ..

You can choose from 16 types of seats and backs, two colors of black and white for the frame, and three colors of graphite, polished aluminum, and titanium for the legs. At the time of arrival, it is in a state where only instructions etc. are attached, so just take it out of the box.

The characteristic is the back side.

This spine-like design serves to support your back in the correct position.

The seat looks like this.

There is a handle on the end to adjust the depth of the seat.

For example, it looks like this in a short state.

It will be like this when stretched. Adjust the position so that the back of the knee is not pressed by the edge of the seat when sitting.

There is a lever on the left side and a knob on the right side on the back and bottom.

This lever sets the reclining range. When it is lowered, it is possible to recline to the maximum when the setting is canceled, but as it is raised, the reclining range becomes narrower. Looking at the movie, it looks like this.

Herman Miller 'Embody Chair' Reclining Range Setting-YouTube

You can also adjust the hardness of the reclining collapse. The adjustment is done with the black knob under the seat, with the right hand down. By the way, the knob in the center of the knob is for adjusting the height of the seat.

I tried to shoot a movie to see what kind of hardness it actually is. First, turn the knob in a direction that is harder and harder, and when you reach a hardness that you can not recline without stepping on it, this time it is in the loosest state. If you look at it, you can see that the parts are moving under the seat.

Herman Miller 'Embody Chair' Reclining Hardness Adjustment-YouTube

The biggest point is 'back fit adjustment' using the black knob on the back right back. This is a function that adjusts the curve of the backrest, and by fitting the chair to the curve of the spine that differs depending on the user, it supports the lumbar spine moderately and relieves the burden on the shoulders and neck.

Before setting, the backrest curve is the smallest.

And when I sat down and set it up, it became like this. Since the curve of the spine is not so large, it is hard to tell what has changed in appearance, but when sitting, the back slowly dents according to the spine, and it can be adjusted to a position that fits perfectly. I can do it.

After that, adjusting the arm width ...

The height of the arm can be adjusted.

If you sit down without adjusting, you may be wondering if the goodness is a placebo, 'Hmm, is it something like this ...?', But if you adjust it exactly to yourself, it feels like 'Oh, this fits nicely.' If you use it for a long time, it will change to 'This is the only placebo!'.

The biggest thing is that even if you work while sitting for hours, you will not feel tension in your lower back, and although the stiffness of your neck and shoulders is not zero, it is considerably reduced. I did.

However, maybe the parts for adjusting the width of the arm will loosen while using it, the arm can not be fixed with the chair of the editorial staff who has been using it for a long time, and when the arm is placed, the arm will spread outward. It's gone.

Did the arm of Herman Miller 'Embody Chair' break? --YouTube

Please note that Amazon.co.jp also has a review that the arm is broken and sent for repair, and the parts order is very slow.

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