I continued to use 'embody chair' which will reduce the burden on the body when sitting perfectly for the spine

"Sitting for a long time reduces life as much as smokingAs there are research results saying, "Sitting and doing work with what" is an important matter as sitting work that looks easier than standing and working is also serious. Herman Miller 's "choice"Embay chair"is. When I actually used it in the office for about a year, sitting work no longer suffers.

Embay chair - Office chair - Herman Miller

In the first place I used the chair before this chair, "I wonder if there is something about 30,000 yen or so" and found a mass merchandise store, sitting four chairs placed and comparing it was decided. Because the cushioning performance was high and the backrest was large and relaxed, it was not bad to use it in a relaxed mode truly, but since the chair is totally fallen behind and it is difficult to take a forward leaning posture, It turns out that it is a bit painful to continue clapping PCs on the desk while using it.

Also, since the elbow rest was also fixed type, when the desk changed, it caught on account of the height and to work in a strange posture. As a result of continuing this, since it came to have mysterious pain on the shoulder and waist, it stopped using "this is icang", and in that case it decided to purchase the embody chair .

There are 16 types of seat & back, 2 colors black and white for frame, 3 graphite, polished aluminum and titanium for legs. Just pulling out of the box as it is just the state that the instructions etc arrived at the time of arrival.

Even if it is distinctive on the back side.

This backbone-like design fulfills the role of supporting the back in the correct position.

The seat surface looks something like this.

The handle is attached to the end, you can adjust the depth of the seat.

For example, in a short condition it is like this.

When stretching it becomes like this. When sitting, adjust to the position where the back side of the knee is not pressed by the edge of the seat.

There is a lever on the back side, the left side on the lower side, and a knob on the right side.

This lever sets the reclining range. Although it is possible to recline as much as possible in the unlocked state when it is lowered, the reclining range becomes narrower as you raise it. Looking at the movie is like this.

Herman Miller "Enbodied chair" Range setting of reclining - YouTube

You can also adjust the hardness of the reclining collapse condition. Adjustment is done with the black knob located at the position where the right hand is lowered under the seat. By the way, the knob in the middle of the knob is for adjusting the height of the seat.

I tried to shoot with a movie what kind of hardness it is in fact. First of all, turn the knob steadily in a harder direction and go to the hardness which can not be reclined unless you step on it, this time it is the most loose state. As you see, you can see that parts are moving under the seat.

Herman Miller "Enbodied chair" reclining hardness adjustment - YouTube

The biggest point can be said "back fit adjustment" using the black knob on the back right back. This function adjusts the curves of the backrest, supports the lumbar spine moderately by fitting the chair to the curve of the spine different depending on the person who will ease the burden on the shoulder and neck.

Before setting, the curve of the backrest was made the smallest.

And sitting and setting it this way. Since the curve of the spine is not so large, I can not understand exactly what has changed visually, but when sitting, the back side will dent slowly according to the spine and adjust it to a position where it fits closely I can do it.

After that, adjustment of the arm width ......

Adjustment of the arm height is possible.

If you sit without adjusting it, "Well, this kind of thing ...???" I doubt that goodness is a placebo, perhaps, but if you adjust to yourself, you feel like "Oh, this is comfortable" If you use it all the time, it will change to "This is the only one!"

What is bigger than anything is that even if you are sitting for hours, you will not feel tight around your waist, and while the neck and shoulder stiffness is not zero, it is considerably reduced It was.

If you look at the price on Amazon.co.jp, it will not cut 200,000 yen for any combination of colors. "It's not easy to purchase", so when you buy you go to the furniture shop you can sit properly, we recommend sitting and checking for a long time to see if you can suit yourself.

Amazon.co.jp: Herman Miller + (Herman Miller) + Enbody Chair: Kitchen Store

However, it is not possible to fix the arm for the width adjustment arm of the arm while using it, or the chair of the editing member who has been using it for a long time, the arm can not be fixed and when the arm is placed, the arm spreads to the outside I got it.

Herman Miller "Armor chair" broken arm? - YouTube

Also on Amazon.co.jpThe arm broke and it came out for repair, it did not repair, and the parts ordering was very slowAs this review has been published, this point requires caution.

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