I customized each part of the chair to full body and took advantage of the easy posture to work "Ergohuman PRO ottoman" I tried it for one month

If you are sitting in a chair all day long, you will have a variety of health and lifespanAdverse effectIt is clarified from research that it extends. In order to lighten the burden on the body even a little, as a result of considering various office chairs, it is possible to adjust various parts of the chair such as headrests, backrests, armrests and seating surfaces to fit the body "Ergohuman Basic", The angle adjustment function of the seat surface, putting feetOttoman"Ergohuman PRO ottoman(Ergo Human Pro Ottoman) ", I decided to use a tablet stand that can fix a PC or tablet.

PRO Ottoman function introduction (product information) | Ergohuman Official site (Ergo Human official website)

◆ Appearance
Ergohuman PRO ottoman. Since it is shipped with finished product, assembly is unnecessary after it arrives.

The part which puts back on the back is divided into three parts, headrest, backrest, lumbar support. The material is highly resistant to soil and maintenanceElastomeric meshIt is used.

The seat surface is actually large, 50 cm wide × 55 cm deep. The load capacity is about 100 kg.

The armrest is large enough for both width and length, and can be relaxed from the elbow to the wrist.

The back is like this.

Durable aluminum die casting is used for seamless integral mold frame.

From the side, you can see that the back is gently curved according to the backbone and back curve.

Caster is a two-wheel type with wheels attached to the left and right.

Because the chair's total weight is about 30 kg, it is a difficulty to have traces of casters on cushion floor.

◆ Partial adjustment
A major feature of the Ergohuman series is that it is possible to adjust each part of the chair according to the user's body and usage scene.

· Headrest
Hold the arm part and move the headrest up and down to adjust the height.

If you raise it to the top, you can raise it about 15 cm from the bottom, so even a person with a high height can fit it tightly in the neck.

· Backrest · Lumber support
You can slide the backrest and the lumbar support up and down by pressing the lever on the back of the back and move it.

It can be adjusted in 4 stages, and when raised to the top it looks like the following.

· Armrest
Adjust the height of the armrest by pressing the side button.

The state where the armrest is raised to the top.

You can adjust the angle by gripping the armrest and moving it left and right. A state where the tip is brought to the inside.

When opening to the outside it is like this.

In addition, you can move back and forth according to the position of the arm. From the state pulled to the back ... ...

Move forward, you can support the wrist firmly.

It is also possible to adjust the width of the left and right armrests. The most widely open state.

If it is the narrowest it becomes as follows.

· Reclining
There are two adjustment levers on the right side of the seat. You can adjust the seat height by sitting on the chair and lifting the lever on the left upwards.

To adjust the reclining angle, pull the lever on the left side toward you.

When sitting normally, the back seat is in a standing condition.

When you recline reclining, you can work in a relaxed posture.

Pull out the lever on the front and turn the handle, you can adjust the hardness the backrest sinks when hit by the chair.

To adjust the seat position, press the lever on the left side.

The seat surface has gone forward.

It is in a state retracted backward.

Angle adjustment of the seat surface is a function that is only installed in the Ergohuman PRO series. To adjust the angle, turn the dial on the back of the seat.

The state where the back of the seating surface is lowered looks like this.

By turning the dial, it is possible to raise the rear side of the seat by up to 20 mm. Work towards the desk tends to be in a forward bending posture, but by lowering the seat front, you can reduce the feeling of pressure on the back of the thigh. Itoki office chair that fits the body of a woman "Cassico"The front face of the seating surface breaks downwards and has a function to eliminate the pressure on the back of the thigh, and when you actually sit down, you can realize that pressure feeling and swelling are considerably reduced. The seat angle adjustment function of Ergohuman PRO also seems to be useful when sitting and working for a long time like cassico.

· Tablet stand
The tablet stand is stored under the left armrest.

When using it, first push the inner button and lift the whole.

The state that lifted the arm is this.

Next, push the silver button at the tip of the arm and lift the stand horizontally.

Lifting the stand.

Finally rotate the stand 180 degrees ......

Move the stand by sliding it in an easy-to-use position.

To adjust the angle of the stand, press the button on the left side is OK.

This state is like this. The size of the stand is 295 mm in width × 217 mm in length, and the load capacity is 5 kg.

Since the parts for fixing are attached to the lower side of the stand and the upper part of the left and right, you can put a notebook PC etc even with the angle attached.

Working with a laptop placed on the knee, the line of sight tends to go down ......

If you place a notebook PC on the tablet stand, you can work without lowering your eyes.

· Ottoman
When using ottoman, turn the dial and ......

Pull out the frame toward you.

Inside the frame, the part that puts your foot is folded, so open it and take it out.

The angle of the ottoman can be finely adjusted in 10 steps. The maximum load capacity is 25 kg.

When you bring out both tablet stand and ottoman, it becomes as follows.

The state that actually using tablet stand and ottoman and using notebook PC is like the following. By leaving the weight of the neck and back in the headrest and the back seat, placing the elbow on the armrest makes it possible to work with a comfortable posture without adding extra power from the shoulder to the hip.

Actually using Ergohuman PRO ottoman for about a month, until now when I sat on a chair my back was curled up and I was on the back, but Ergohuman PRO ottoman fit the backrest from the shoulder to the waist and work easier Impression that it became possible to do and the burden of sitting work was alleviated. Previously, I used "cassico" as mentioned above, but cassico was not easy to lean back because my backrest was low, because my head did not have a headrest, my neck tended to wiggle forward. Because Ergohuman PRO ottoman is made to support firmly from the neck to the top, pain in the stiff shoulders, back pain, back pain, etc. are not particularly caused, and work towards the desk has become much more comfortable than before.

Ergohuman PRO ottoman's model with tablet stand is handled at ASKUL at 129,384 yen including tax. Please note that it takes about 2 weeks from purchase to arrival because of manufacturers obtaining goods.Otsuka Furniture ShowroomSince the real thing is put in the furniture store such as, it is possible to see whether it fits your body before experiencing purchase by experiencing the chair of chair.

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