I tried using Ergotron's "WorkFit-TL" standing desk for sitting position and standing position that can adjust the height by the explosion speed

To escape from the unhealthy "sitting down" state, IKEA'sBar tableYaManual lifting deskAlthough I have been using it as a standing desk, from the maker "Ergotron" that offers various products that improve desk worker's work style and improve health promotion and productivity, you can instantaneously height with a hand lever Desktop installation type standing desk that can changeWorkFit-TLI got it, so I actually tried using it for more than a month and tried to estimate its true price.

Ergotron 33-406-085 WorkFit-TL, Elevating desk (black)

You can see how you are changing the height of WorkFit by the explosion speed from the following movie.

Explosion ascent and descent of Ergotron's standing desk "WorkFit-TL" - YouTube

A huge cardboard box arrived at the editorial department.

There was a Desk-mounted type desk desk "WorkFit-TL" inside.

When I put it on the desk, it looks something like this at first, it has a feeling of intimidating at first, but it is convenient point that "space for the standing desk" is unnecessary so that it can be placed on the existing desk. Since the work space is 95 x 58.6 cm which can be used extensively, it seems that even dual display users can use it without problems. Assembly etc are not particularly necessary, you can use immediately as soon as you remove the cushioning material.

Looking up from the bottom, the hand levers are attached to both ends of the desk, and there is a mechanism like a thick coil. This is a counterbalance mechanism utilizing the patent application "Constant Force" which is patent pending, and although it is neither hydraulic pressure nor gas pressure, it is said that it realizes speedy height adjustment.

Let's adjust the height at once. Hold the levers at both ends with both hands first ...

If we put a little weight on it, it became "Pusher" and it became low, I could peek off the desk in a blink without using any power at all. The height can be fixed at the position where the lever is released.

When I tried work while standing, I can fine-tune easily according to height from a movable range of 50.8 cm at the desk and 12.7 cm at the minimum, so that I can keep the "good posture" that the spine stretched without burden. Also, because the WorkFit-TL has a weight that can not be held by a single person, it is hard to install on the desk, but after setting it will never shake the desk during work and secure a stable working space We will provide it.

Lowering it to the lowest position makes it low enough that you can not work while standing ... ...

It is possible to sit on a chair and work as it is. Since the position of the display will be higher than putting it on a regular desk in a notebook PC, the line of sight will be pretty easy. It is a nice place to keep standing all the time because it makes me tired, so I can easily change standing and sitting.

One step below the workspace is keyboard space.

Looking in parallel, it looks something like this, so if you sit down and work, monitor + keyboard or desktop PC may be better.

If you hit directly with the notebook keyboard without placing an external keyboard, it can be used as an elbow rest. However, it will be painful if you keep your elbow all the time, so it was comfortable to pinch a blanket.

The standing desk is hard to keep standing for a long time unless it is accustomed to it, even after get used to it, the foot may be tired with a hard floor, but it is designed to improve blood circulation and prevent fatigue based on ergonomics It is a standing desk mat that matches "WorkFit floor mat"Was also received from Ergotron.

With a moderately elastic massive mat, you can realize that feeling fatigued is staggered to stand on the floor. Since it is about 3 kg, it is troublesome to move when switching to a sitting position, but it is a comfortable mat that can be called essential if only standing position is used. Working for more than a month with the combination of "WorkFit - TL + WorkFit Floor Mat", the stiff shoulder stiffness, back pain, etc, which I felt when I was sitting while working was clearly understood. Although it is not a cheap price to buy, it is more affordable than an electric standing desk so people who want to set up a standing desk have room for a thought.

In addition, WorkFit-TL has two colors, black and white, and the price of black in Amazon is 70,314 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Ergotron WorkFit - TL Sitting Stand Standing Dual Standing Desk Black 33 - 406 - 085: Personal Computer · Peripheral Equipment

The price of White is 75,175 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Ergotron WorkFit-TL Sitting position standing position standing desk white 33-406-062: Personal computer · peripheral equipment

WorkFit floor mat is tax inclusive ¥ 27,030.

Amazon | Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat 97-620-060 | Footrest | Stationery and Office Supplies

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