I used IKEA's "standing desk" for one week

On the 1stSitting for more than 6 hours increases the risk of death by 40%It is said that, for office workers, work that keeps sitting for more than 6 hours is a routine occurrence. Although lack of exercise also helps live an unhealthy life, one of the solutions is "standing desk". By working while standingConcentration increases to prevent obesityBecause research results have also come out, I actually tried to check the effect of the standing desk by purchasing 103 cm bar table at IKEA.

BILLSTA bar table - IKEA

◆ Assembling the standing desk
I've been getting flat packs at IKEA. Since the total weight will be close to 30 kg, please do not think about going home by mistake.

Since the BILLSTA bar table sells the top board and the desk leg separately, please be careful not to forget to buy. BILLSTA "001.623.99" on the top board.

The leg is "601.727.53" of BILLSTA.

First we start with the assembly of the legs.

Although IKEA's instructions are just too simple, the screws that match the instructions are as follows.

First of all, attach the parts on the top board to the two legs. Use screws with blue screwdriver.

Next, pass the barrel and the long screw through the two empty holes on the side of the leg.

Through the rod-shaped screw receiving parts in the hole of the plate part connecting the two legs ......

Tighten the two screws with the supplied hexagon. There is a line in the top of the screw receiving part to be inserted in the board part, and if the wire and the board are made in parallel, the screw will pass.

That's why the foundation has become independent.

Place the "Denomi" parts on the two legs. Since the one that is sharp is inside, care must be taken so that no mistake is made.

Tighten the bottom with 3 black nuts OK.

Open the top board. This is also quite heavy so work for more than two people is better.

Put the desk's legs over the top board.

Just fix it with a screwdriver.

You can fine-tune the height by turning the knobs of Ku character parts.

So, the assembly of the standing desk has been completed successfully. I was inquired of IKEA because the load capacity was unknown and it was said that there was no setting of the load resistance itself, so it was to "Please refrain from placing anything other than dishes." It seems better to stop putting the body of the PC.

I tried using the standing desk
I immediately started using the standing desk. The height of the BILLSTA bar table is 103 cm, if the man is 170 cm, the position of the arm is just right and it is very strange to work with the PC while standing, but as the spine grows with the pin, as the first impression " Ali maybe ...... "Feeling.

Two pairs of pins to which baggage and jacket can be put are attached to both legs ... ...

It is convenient to be able to put backpack etc on the ground like this.

Also, on the first day I was working at the standing desk from 9 o'clock in the morning, but the knees reached the limit at about 14 o'clock after the lunch break. I got into the state of "I can not stand anymore!" And I will sit and work on a chair for several hours from there.

On the first day my legs got tired like a stick, but by standing against the standing desk everyday without giving up, the time that I can stand standing like 16 o'clock on the next day, 18 o'clock on the next day ...... will continue . However, it is not necessarily "you should not sit down absolutely", it is necessary to rest your feet by sitting at a fold with the target of work. Bath tool as high as waist was better if there was.

A new problem occurred when I got used to the working style of the standing desk. It means that the line of sight is going down because you have to turn down to see the display of the laptop.

When you notice, your posture gets worse with your eyes, so you will be in a forward-tilted posture, as well as shoulder stiffness.

So, Herman Miller'sWhen I purchased Mira 2 chairThere was a rented display arm, so I tried using it.

I adjusted the notebook PC to the height of the line of sight and tried placing the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on the desk. Looking from the side it looks something like this, I can work without dropping my eyes, succeeded in drastically reducing the pain I felt before. As the position of the line of sight was improved, it became possible to work without physical burden, and low back pain which I felt continuously was considerably reduced.

Furthermore, in order to improve the working environment, I tried connecting the notebook PC and display with the HDMI cable. Although a little gaze will come down here, since the screen is large, I do not feel the burden much. Those who are planning to introduce the standing desk are required to use a desktop PC or a display arm if it is a notebook PC.

I also tried a female editorial staff with a height of 153 cm and said, "Because the position of the arm is a bit high, it may be tough to use for a long time." It seems to be hard to use even if the height is low, perhaps it is too low for the 103 cm BILLSTA bar table if you are over 180 cm tall, so if you are looking for a standing desk you need to choose the one that fits your height.

When summarizing the results of working at the standing desk for one week, low back pain was clearly improved, as well as the ability to concentrate increased to the extent that concentration was aware. When sitting on a chair and working, it may be hard to get into work as a result of intense sleepiness, such as after lunch. If you are a standing desk you can demonstrate the best performance without losing sleepiness. If you sit in a chair for a long time you would like to stretch your body, but if you are standing desk you could stretch while working.

However, I felt that the working environment of "only the standing desk" was extremely strict as "I finally finished ..." as I thought on the last day. In overseas IKEAElectric lift standing deskAlthough it is on sale,Electric standing desk which can be purchased in JapanThere are many desks as close as 300,000 yen, so the BILLSTA bar table that you can buy at the 20,000 yen level is recommended for those who say "I'd like to try the standing desk for the time being" and those who want to survive the "time of emergency" as a sub desk is.

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