"Roost Laptop Stand" which adjusts the position of the notebook PC to the desired height and prevents neck and shoulder pain by the back of the hook

When you use the notebook PC by placing it on the desk, the position of the display goes down, so the line of sight tends to go downward and tend to become a backstop. Because of that, the neck, shoulder, back, wrist and the like may get stiff or hurt, and if it gets worse it may lead to headache. A folding stand that can solve the trouble of such a desk worker adjusts the notebook PC to the desired height such as the gaze and so that it can be operated in a comfortable posture "Roost Laptop Stand"is.

Roost Laptop Stand | Free yourself from laptop neck pain by James Olander - Kickstarter

You can see how Roost Laptop Stand will reduce the pain and stiffness of the neck and shoulders when you see the movie below.

Having a laptop on a desk and crashing past it tends to become a backstop by all means. A burden is applied to neck, shoulder, back, wrist etc. as follows.

Roost Laptop Stand "which can solve the trouble of such a notebook PC, can raise the position of the notebook PC to the line of sight and operate with the correct posture.

Roost Laptop Stand held by men in their hands. Hold the legs part and open to the side ... ...

Shaped, transformed into a shape that allows you to place a notebook PC.

To adjust the height, when you press the part where the man hits the thumb with Roost Laptop Stand upright ......

It was easy to change the height.

I will set up a notebook PC from above.

The only way to set it is to hook the end of the keyboard to the grip with the laptop open.

If it is placed as it is, it grips and comes around and holds the notebook PC.

With such a feeling, there is no worry that the notebook PC will fall off even if you tilt sideways.

Setting is easy for everyone, so it's light so you can use it anywhere. When working outside such as a cafe, the height of the desk is often not suitable for work, but if you have Roost Laptop Stand you can operate the laptop without having to do an unreasonable posture anywhere.Standing desk to operate PC while standingIdeal for.

When working with the desktop and laptop dual screen, it is possible to fit the height of the two displays exactly.

Roost Laptop Stand also has a case bag for carrying, in the middle is Roost Laptop Stand · "RKM (Roost Keyboard Mouse) case" to store keyboard · mouse all together, Roost Laptop Stand on the right side A bag to store alone.

The height of Roost Laptop Stand can be adjusted between 15.2 cm and 28 cm.

A rubber pad is affixed to the part where the notebook PC is placed, and the mechanism that grips the notebook PC automatically is adopted. It has a rubbery character in the legThermoplastic elastomer(TPE) is attached, it can be used even on a slippery desk

Roost Laptop Stand dimensions are very compact with height 3.3 cm × width 3 cm × length 33 cm when closed. Height 17.8 to 25.3 cm × width 22.5 cm to 23.9 cm × length 25.2 to 25.9 cm in the deployed state, the weight is 164 g.

Any supported laptop PC is OK if the height of the front border is 1.9 cm or less. MacBook is used in the movie, but if it is 1.9 cm or shorter it will not be a problem usually with recent laptops.

If you invest 49 dollars (about 6000 yen) in the project of Roost Laptop Stand, you can get one Roost Laptop Stand. You can make a set of Roost Laptop Stand and RKM case with a capital of 74 dollars (about 9000 yen). Product shipping is planned around October 2015, and separately from US $ 16 (about 2000 yen) to 20 dollars (about 2,500 yen) is required for shipping to Japan. The deadline of investment is 17 o'clock on Monday, July 6.

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