How to improve deskwork back pain without expensive health goods

There may be some people who are doing remote work and have a different posture and feel pain in their backs. For those who are hesitant to buy expensive desks or chairs for remote work that they do not know how long it will last, experts will first understand how to prepare the environment around the desk with what is at home and how to solve back pain. I am explaining.

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If you have pain in your back, you may think that your posture is bad, but ergonomics expert Jody Oakman of Latrobe University says that back pain is not only a physical factor but also a work-related one. He points out that it is also caused by stress.

For this reason, people who feel pain in their back must first organize their environment.

In order to 'prepare the environment', it is first necessary to clarify the line between work and private. Rather than working in a room robe, you get into a work robe, and if needed, wear a headset to take action such as communicating with another colleague that you've got a job. Stress-related pain expert William Davis explains that robust routines can help avoid stress-induced pain. “In an isolated environment where everyone works from home, it makes it easier to work an extra 2-3 hours, but from a stress and well-being perspective, we don't recommend it,” Davis said.

Many experts agree on the need to adjust chair height, etc. to avoid unnecessary strain on the muscles that cause neck and back pain.

The point to check is that the head is right above the body. In order to maintain the S-curve of the spine, it is better if the chair is designed to support the lower back and waist, but cushions or towels can be used instead. If you put a towel wrapped under the sacrum, the pelvis will stand and it will be easier to maintain the natural S-curve of the spine. The lumbar spine is not designed to support the total weight of a person, so it is important to sit on an 'S-shaped' back that does not burden the lumbar spine. If there is a person at home, it is recommended that the person take a picture of the posture when sitting.

Also, the angles of the knees and elbows are important. If this angle is wrong, it will cause unnecessary strain on the muscles. If the chair is too tall, there will be no support for your feet, so Davis recommends that you insert a stable object, such as a box or stack of books, under your feet. You also need to support your elbows on the desk, but if the chair is too high, your elbows will not reach the desk, so you will need to adjust it with a cushion.

Then, place the keyboard and mouse 8-10 cm away from the edge of the desk so that the top of the monitor is at eye level, with one arm separated. If you are using a laptop and you can not adjust the height well, you can use an external keyboard or mouse to lift the laptop with a book and make the monitor eye level. is. Anyway, it's important to keep your back from rolling.

It's also important to sit and stand frequently to change postures, Davis said. It is ideal to get off the chair and change posture or stretch every 30 to 45 minutes. This movement can relieve the tension between the discs, which absorbs the impact of the spine. The main cause of pain and injuries caused by office work is sitting down. It seems that if you keep one sitting posture without a break for a few hours, you will often hurt your back when you curl up to take something.

Davis also recommends standing desks because it's easy to change posture without leaving the desk.

I tried using SKAR STA, an elevating desk that can also be a standing desk for less than 20,000 yen at IKEA-GIGAZINE

And because exercise has the role of strengthening muscles and protecting the back, Mr. Davis recommends training for strengthening the core and exercise using his own weight. However, Davis called for avoiding excessive exercise, such as 1,000 squats.

Teenage girls who performed squats 1000 times are sent to the hospital due to symptoms such as `` urine turns brown ''-GIGAZINE

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