Illustrations describing the optimal position to be sound asleep are now open

byTil Jentzsch

To get a good sleep it is necessary to keep the body relaxed and not to feel pain. So, if there are pain in each part of the body, Illustrations that summarize what kind of ingenuity to do should be published.

Find the Perfect Sleep Position | Best Infographics

First, if there is pain on the shoulder, do not sleep sideways with the painful shoulders down. Sleep on his back or shoulder on the other side down. At this time, putting a pillow in front of your chest and feeling like hugging someone, it is good to put your arms.

If you have pain on your back and back, put a pillow under your lap, put a small rolled towel under your waist, you can maintain the natural curve the body draws. As an expert's opinion, it is best condition to sleep that supine.

When you want to become sideways, the pillow is pinched between the knees, the problems of back, knee, and buttocks are improved. It seems to be good for the spinal canal stenosis of the lumbar vertebrae, as it is rounded like a fetus.

The burden on the back and neck increases when you sleep on your face. Please do not distort your body when you have to be embarrassed by putting a pillow under the pelvis and lower abdomen.

In order to keep the neck in its natural position, it is important not to go to bed with your face lying as described above. Be careful as your neck will bend even if you use too much pillow. Pillows are arranged not only for head and neck, but also for shoulder support. Some experts recommend a method to support the neck with rolled hand towel.

In order not to damage the breathing by crushing the cells of the tongue and throat, it is recommended to landscape or lie down posture. In order to avoid rolling over, the rough technique of sewing a tennis ball on the upper part of the back of the pajamas is also introduced.

In order to prevent backflow of stomach acid, there is a method to tilt the bed itself, for example by pinching things under the foot of the head side of the bed. Or you can prevent reverse flow of stomach acid even if you sleep in sideways direction.

People who are not sufficiently supportive for running or arch of the feet will cause inflammation in the tissues behind the feet. like thisPlantar fasciitisIt is important to keep your feet and ankles in a relaxed state. Be careful not to cover the sheets tightly.

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