A movie that you can understand simply by watching the merits and methods of maintaining a "good attitude"

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Desk workers who are destiny facing PCs in the workplace for a long time tend to become stooped with shoulder curled by themselves. Not only will it become clumsy, but it also becomes a factor of stiff shoulder and headache, but it is difficult even if you are conscious to know to correct your posture. A movie that can understand the bad influence on health which such "bad posture" brings, the merit of maintaining "good attitude", the point of sitting when actually sleeping, and the point to watch out for "Benefits of good attitude"is.

Benefits of good attitude - Mura · Darkins - YouTube

Someone told me "Stand straight" ......

Have you noticed "family back" to your family?

Bad attitude is not only bad for the appearance, it also has various adverse effects on health.

When sitting, standing posture is related to the load accompanying movement of all bodies, so it is a movie that tells you that there are many advantages to keeping "good posture" in mind.

When it is time to load the body, when you have a heavy thing ... ...

It is said that it can be mentioned when you are sitting in a strange posture.

Among them, the biggest load is "gravity" ... ...

If you do not take the optimal posture, the body balances against gravity, so the muscle is overloaded more than necessary.

In other words, if you keep on a bad posture, your muscles tend to set and sometimes get atrophied.

If that condition continues, the ability to cope with the load of the muscles will be compromised. As a result, not only muscle but also joints and ligaments are consumed ... ...

It seems that it becomes easy to be injured or the function of internal organs such as the lungs declines.

Not only a bad posture is the root of all evil, but a lot of research, the spine twists to the right and left and bendsScoliosis, spinal scoliosisAnd that it accounts for 90% of headacheTension headache, He said he points out the relationship between back pain and bad posture.

Furthermore, it is said that attitude affects undulation of emotion and ease of pain.

For that reason, there are various merits that a good attitude is aimed at, but it is becoming a world that is difficult to maintain a good posture.

Because PCs, smart phones, etc. have spread, research showing that people's attitude is getting worse has also been announced.

So, what does "good attitude" refer to? The human spine needs 33 bones to be aligned as seen from the front.

When looking from the side, it is normal to curve to S shape at neck, shoulder, waist.

The baby's spine immediately after birth is curved in C shape ... ....

About 12 months after birth ~ 18 months, it changes to S shape with muscle development.

By becoming a backbone structure of S shape, it becomes possible to absorb the load such as when you stand upright, when you are walking, when you jump.

If the backbone is lined up correctly, it seems to be a straight line through "shoulder, buttocks, knees, ankle" when standing upright.

This will provide the basis for supporting the bodySupport base surfaceThe center of gravity will be kept right above, and fatigue due to muscle load can be minimized.

Specifically, when sitting, be careful not to bend forward, tighten your side with the shoulder relaxed, turn your knees at right angles and put your feet on the floor will be in the right posture.

If it is impossible to maintain the correct posture absolutely, it is necessary to adjust the surrounding environment. For example, when heading to a PC, increase the display so that it is the same as or slightly below the line of sight ... ...

If you change to the chair of the chair, desk, desk that the elbow or wrist can support without giving a load, it is OK.Standing desk and display armYou may find it handy to keep in mind the right attitude.

When sleeping, using a pillow in landscape orientation, it is good to put a pillow between the legs.

Regardless of gender, high-heeled shoes are subject to an unnatural load, so it is better to wear shoes that fit the arch.

When you call, using a headset with a microphone makes it easier to maintain a good attitude.

However, maintaining a good posture does not mean you can continue standing or sit down. It is said that not moving for a long time in a good posture is bad for the body rather than moving with a bad posture.

When placing a heavy thing, place it near the body ......

When carrying the backpack, you need to adjust the straps and luggage to be symmetrical.

If you need to sit for a long time with desk workers etc, sometimes you stand up, move around ... ....

By stretching and moving the muscles and joints, you will be able to maintain the strength to support the body efficiently.

Still if you are not satisfied with your bad posture or suffer from symptoms that come from a bad posture, it is also a good idea to consult a physiotherapist. That "keeping a good attitude" is very important to the human body.

Dr. Murat Dalkılınç who created this TED movie is a person who is studying chronic pain due to posture. Even before, I have published a TED movie "Why is not it good for your body?", You can see from the following.

Why is not sitting good for your body - Mulat Darcruche - YouTube

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