What is going to happen to the body if it does not occur with grueling lying all the time?

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There are many people who have thought about how comfortable it is if you can keep sleeping in bed as it is when you get up early in the morning at work or school, but if you are lying on bed and bedding and lying down, Changes will occur. Then, what is going to happen to the body if it keeps lying down literally, the movie which approached the details "What Would Happen If You Never Left Your Bed?"Has been released.

What Would Happen If You Never Left Your Bed? - YouTube

It is a famous story to spend as much as one-third of my life, but if this is true, one third of my life will be on a bed or a futon, a sofa.

NASA will not spend one third of his life in a row, but NASA conducted a study in the past to show what effect the human body will have when lying down on bed for a long time It was.

NASA takes on the human bodyMicro gravityIn order to examine the subjects, we conducted experiments to have the subjects lie on the bed for 70 days.

In the experiment, the bed was tilted 6 degrees backwards, so that the moisture in the body was at the top of the body, that is, the same environment as in the spacecraft where microgravity is applied was made.

What changes will happen to the crew members who stay on the spacecraft moving in outer space for a long time, NASA loses the subject for a long period of time, so that the environment similar to staying in the spacecraft I made the experiment.

When examining the body of the subject immediately after 70 days of experiment, the heart rate started to rise from the moment of rising from the bed to 150.

In addition, it was said that the subject was fluffy enough that the subject could not stand. Judging by this experiment alone, you can see that sleeping for a long time does not have a positive effect on the body.

So what happens if you keep sleeping in a horizontal state without tilting your bed.

The person who is sleeping in bed first feels "Bedsores"is.

The bed sores are such that when the patient is lying in the same posture for a long time, the circulation of the contact surface where the body is touching the bed becomes unsuccessful and it partially necroses.

The bed sores can often be found in places such as buttocks, waist, back.

Also, keeping lying on the bed reduces the muscle. In the first few weeks the muscle mass decreases by 10-15% and the muscle mass decreases by about 50% in 3-5 weeks after starting to sleep.

When the muscle mass of the body decreases and atrophies, the mass of the bone will decrease this time. By staying asleep for a long time, the mass of the bone is reduced by 42% at the maximum. It repeats destruction and formationBone resorptionIt may be caused by osteoporosis, which, in the worst case, tends to cause fracture.

Apart from bedsores and muscle weakness, if you continue in the same posture for 2 days the heart rate will rise at a level of once per minute ... ...

The amount of blood flowing through the body decreases, the amount of oxygen circulating in the body decreases, it seems that it becomes extremely tired easily.

In addition to the above mentioned items, it is reported that the risk of developing kidney stones and pneumonia increases, so when you lie on a bed or a futon, it is important to decide the time and take a reasonable break.

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