What are the 18 causes that will adversely affect destroying your body and health in the office?


Although physical labor places a burden on the body, there are many times that it places a heavy burden on the body while also unknowingly desk work in the office. What kind of customs and circumstances in the office specifically put the burden on the body? In that regardBusiness InsiderIs summarizing the factors that destroy the body of office workers into 18 items.

18 Ways Your Office Job Is Destroying Your Body - Business Insider

◆ 01: I sit in a chair all day


If you keep sitting on a chair because you do not feel pain much,I had a burden on my body while I was not aware, Musculoskeletal disorders such as disc herniation and sciatica, risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc. will rise.

◆ 02: Poor posture

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In addition to having been sitting for a long time, if you are bad in your posture, such as becoming bent forward, you will put a strain on your body and you will suffer chronically with arthritis, cerebellar spondylitis and so on.

◆ 03: How to do injuries


Some companies sitting on a rubber ball instead of a chair or doing work while walking on a running machine because the desk work of sitting is not good,Wall Street JournalAccording to the examination of the desk work using the running machine, the typing mistake increases and the possibility of falling out of the chair also increases, so it seems better to refrain from how to do injury even if it says it is good for health .

◆ 04: Motivation · Meeting

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It is sometimes useful for employers to do exercises and motivation meetings in order to motivate employees, but according to research, it is said that such an attempt sometimes causes depression of employees, so careful It is necessary.

◆ 05: poor quality air

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The air inside the room may be dirty up to 100 times the outside air, especially inside the air conditioner installed in a building that is not well maintained, it is contaminated with toxic substances and molds, dangerous bacteria, There are times when you are getting upset.EPAThis isSick house syndromeI call it.

◆ 06: Excessive exposure of copiers and printers


Since copying machines emit a small amount of ozone, which causes coughing and dizziness, if you leave the filter unchanged, it may cause chest pains and inflammation. Also, in a toner type printer, particles enter the lungs and blood,Cause health problemsResearch results have also come out.

◆ 07: Use a hot laptop for a long time


According to the research at New York University, when using a laptop on a knee and using heatPossibility of sperm quality deteriorationI know that there is.

◆ 08: Work more than 10 hours a day


According to research in Europe, Those who work for 11 hours or more a day are 60% higher risk of angina and heart attack than those who work 7 to 8 hours a day.

◆ 09: Staring at the computer screen endlessly

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If you are staring at the computer screen for a long time, it will cause your eyes to worsen and cause headaches and migraines.

◆ 10: Excessive lighting

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Excessive brightness on the PC screen and in the room not only causes a headache but also affects the body clock, creating excessive fatigue, stress, hypertension, carcinoma.

◆ 11: I get bored quite a bit

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University College LondonAccording to the study, people who complain of boredom will die early. At the same time, in this research it is also reported that people complaining of excessive boredom are at risk of heart disease / stroke and risk of accident during work.

◆ 12: Dirty keyboard

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The keyboard that is not kept clean is a hotbed of bacteria, and the number of bacteria including those that adversely affect human body such as Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli is five times as large as that of the bathroom.

◆ 13: Bacteria in places with many people coming and going

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Bacteria are seen not only in keyboards but also in places where many unspecified people use such as faucets, doorknobs, elevator buttons and so on. And they can kill you.

◆ 14: Too typing


Too much typing involves pain in the arms and wristsCarpal tunnel syndromeIt is also known as the cause to become. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disease that worsens and damages the nerve and causes muscle wasting.

◆ 15: Tight deadline


When the deadline is severe, people feel annoyance,According to the University of CaliforniaIt also affects learning ability and memory ability. This type of stress is as badly affected as if stress lasted for a week or a month even in a short period of time.

◆ 16: Always hold the mouse in the same place

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If you always have the mouse in the same position, you will overuse the same muscles in the same posture for a long time, so that nerves, tendons, muscles become abnormal "Disease repetitive movement excessive injury(RSI) "may be. When this disease gets worse it seems to be quite painful,Programmer forced to change jobAs much as possible.

◆ 17: abuse of smartphone

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The abuse of smartphones is also a cause of injuring the joints, and continuing to push a small button causes blood circulation failure and inflammationBlackBerry thumbIt is called. This is also a type of RSI, it is said that the pain may reach the wrist in some cases.

◆ 18: Eat fast food for lunch

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While working in the office lunch will be one of the pleasure, fast food has twice as much calorie as regular foods of the same size, and because it uses oxidized oil, Increases the risk of heart disease.

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