Obviously desk work may be the cause of obesity


I guess there are many people who work at the desk all day long and do not have time to exercise. Research results have been announced that there is a possibility that such desk work may cause obesity.

In desk work, it becomes somewhat inaccessible especially from the desk as it is busy, and in the worst case, it may be said that only when you go to the toilet, you stand up until your departure from work. This survey is based on Canada's report that the physical activity during work is decreasing, but maybe some people working in Japan have something to think about.

Details are as below.Is Your Office Job Making You Fat?

Charts from the American Time Use Survey

According to a time use survey in the United States, average Americans work for about 8 hours within 24 hours, sleep for about 8 hours, devote to about 1 hour for meals, about 2.5 hours as a hobby and sports time He seems to be using it. It seems that it is estimated that it may be in the time of working for about 8 hours if there is cause of obesity because it is used for only 1 hour for meals.

In Canada working in nearly the same time as the United States, the rate of people classified as overweight or obese is between 1978 and 2004, despite the increased time spent on activities and hobbies outside the office About 10% has increased by about 10%, according to the hypothesis established by Canadian researchers, it is thought that reduction of physical activity in the workplace is responsible for the increase in obesity rate.

Researchers have also confirmed that the duration of physical activity during work hours has been drastically reduced from the survey on the amount of time each worked on various activities during duty.

If you feel that exercise is too little in your work place, take a walk around the company somewhere in the day or use the stairs instead of the elevator, as much time as possible to perform a physical exercise during the working hours It is important to make. It may also be effective to get off the train or bus earlier by one station on the route to the house or workplace, and increase the walking distance.

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