Such as "the risk of death increases by 40% when sitting for 6 hours a day", the evil and the solution by the deskwork desk work

Many people say that the hours of hobbies that people do at home, as well as those who work mainly at desk work, are sitting in chairs. In modern times it is said that the most sitting time in human history is the life style which is not an overstatement even if saying that it is long, the "sitting attitude for a long time" is very bad for the bodyInfographicsIt is open to the public.

"Sitting for 6 hours a day increases the risk of death by 40%"People who are fat sit more than two and a half hours a day compared to those who are thinAlthough it is quite shocking content, but not only harm but also a solution method is presented, it may be better to look through the eyes for people who are sitting for a long time sitting.

The harm caused by "sitting" and its solution is as follows.Sitting is Killing You

◆ Sitting for 6 hours a day increases the risk of death by 40%

If you continue to live 6 hours a day, even if you are exercising on a daily basis, the probability of death within 15 years will increase by 40% compared to people who sit only three hours a day. about. Studies have shown that there is only one way to avoid this risk,Reduce time to sit downIt seems to be said.

Pie charts represent the average activity time of Americans living a contemporary life. According to this, it sits 9.3 hours a day, performs simple exercise such as walking and standing for six and a half hours, and 0.7 hours seems to be exercising high intensity such as running and sports. The remaining seven and a half hours is sleeping time.

◆ It becomes obese if it is a lifestyle that leaves sitting

People who are fat are sitting for two and a half hours a day longer than people losing weight. Also, one out of three American people is obese, but during the period from 1980 to 2000 exercise frequency has not changed, the time sitting is 8% longer, resulting in the doubling of obesity . Because it seldom consumes energy when sitting.

The bar graph below shows how much energy is consumed by other actions compared to the energy consumption when sitting. The state of standing is 1.1 times as much, and when chewing gum is chewed it is 1.15 times. It is 2.5 times the consumption when walking and 3.2 times when going up the stairs. Moreover, it is not a thing like "You have to keep sitting for a long time", but the harm caused by "sitting" starts from the moment you sit.

◆ "Sitting" destroys the body

People who work mainly in desk work are standing jobs compared to those who are centralProbability of heart disease is doubledIt seems to be. Also, at the moment of sitting, the electrical signal from the muscles of the feet stops and the caloric burning rate due to metabolism decreases to about 1 kcal per minute. Furthermore, lipolytic enzyme "Lipase"Also falls by 90%, and if two hours pass after sittingGood cholesterolDecreased by 20%, and after 24 hours passedInsulinIt is said that the effect of diabetes decreases by 24% and the risk of diabetes rises.

◆ To survive the harm caused by "sitting"

Even though I understand that "sitting" is not good for your body, it is impossible for me to change job to standing soon. However, even with a desk worker 8 hours a day, it is effective only by reducing the time to sit outside work. Also, in general it is recommended that "Let's do exercise for 30 minutes per day", but this is not enough. You can stretch and find a place to work out and walk in the office.

◆ Let's stop watching television for a long time while sitting on a sofa or chair at home

People who are sitting and watching TV for more than three hours a day increase the probability of die of heart disease by 64% compared with those who do not. Even those with exercise habits will erase the effect. According to the graph, if you are watching TV while sitting at home for a long time, the death rate will increase 11% each time the time you watch TV increases by 1 hour. This is data on television, but the same thing can be said for long net and etc.

◆ The best way to sit on the body is 135 degrees

Opportunities for sitting in cars, trains, etc. are frequent except in offices and houses. Instead of using an elevator, you can change stairs or change commuting means to bicycle or walk. As for the way of sitting, there is a feeling that he is lying a little, but the backbone against the seat135 degreesIt seems to be the most seated way to sit so that it will be the most burdensome. On the contrary, forward tilt or vertical posture is not good for Body.

Originally, since the human body is not designed to be able to withstand a sitting posture for a long time, it seems that it is better to devise a person who sits on desk work and has a lot of work getting up a bit.

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