What are the huge adverse effects that "living without sitting" has on health and life expectancy?

ByRichard Rhee

Not only desk workers sitting and doing work, of course, other than working hours, people are sitting down a lot of the day with riding trains and cars while traveling and relaxing by watching television when slowing down . A movie which summarizes how much sending living without sitting has an adverse effect on human health has been released.

Are You Sitting Too Much? - YouTube

Since the amount of electrical activity drops significantly as soon as a person's muscles are seated, the caloric burning rate also drops sharply, and only 1 kcal can be consumed per minute. If we sit down for 3 hours, the expansion rate of the artery will be reduced by 50%, and the blood flow will be worse.

If we keep sitting for 24 hours in a row,InsulinLoses 40% of its ability to take in adequate amounts of glucose in the body. Insulin's ability to declineType 2 diabetesIt will raise the probability of becoming.

If you continue to sit for 6 hours a day for 2 weeks, another name "bad cholesterol"Low density lipoprotein(LDL) "will increase, which makes fat easier to adhere and causes obesity.

Furthermore, even when exercising, the muscles become difficult to attach and the muscle contracts, so blood flow to the heart is also easily inhibited.

People who are sitting on a living need to improve, but as with smoking, the bad influence the body received is that it is hard to return to the former as the person sitting longer. According to a study, it is not possible to obtain the effect of one year even if efforts to avoid leaving sitting for one year are not obtained, and the original adverse influence comes again when resuming, it has a terrible property.

If you continue to live six hours a day for a year, what will happen?

According to a study, women who continue living without sitting for more than one year have also shown that bone mineral density decreases by 1% each year. Although moving the body can supply blood, oxygen, and hormones to the brain, it is said that it will fall to the brain function in a lack of exercise due to leaving sitting.

A serious adverse effect is undermining even one year alone, but when the life of six hours a day reaches from 10 to 20 years further, the living years are determined from the quality of life. "Quality adjustment survival Year(QALY) Will decrease by 7 years. This means that the possibility of death is increased due to illness etc.

Specifically, the mortality rate of heart disease is increased by 64%, and the incidence of prostate cancer and breast cancer increases by 30%.

The life that keeps sitting is "state of hundreds and no interest" state, but if you can sit down in one day within 3 hours, the average life expectancy is considered to rise two years.

It is no exaggeration to say that the human body is not suitable for "sitting" and "sitting" is shortening the life span. Especially office workers are forced to sit for a long time, but if you intentionally introduce a standing desk you forcibly remain standing at work, so it may be the shortest way to get health.

In addition, it is painful to work only with the standing desk, but it is quite ant to use in conjunction with ordinary desk, so please think about people who can introduce as an option.

IKEA 's "Standing Desk" was used for a week - GIGAZINE

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