Studies confirm that the difference in the risk of arteriosclerosis and heart attack appears depending on the frequency of regular exercise

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A survey result further supporting further the theory that "daily moderate exercise is important for being a healthy body even at the age of years" was announced. Studies investigating the relationship between periodic momentum and arterial health indicate that it is effective to continuously exercise a certain amount of exercise in order to prevent "arteriosclerosis" in which the artery of the human body loses flexibility It turned out to be.

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Blood vessels that deliver the necessary nutrients to the body and circulate blood to drain waste products are organs indispensable to the maintenance of life. HoweverA person grows old with blood vesselsIt can not be avoided even if there are individual differences that blood vessels are influenced by aging and their work gets worse, as is said to be said. When unwanted matter accumulates inside the blood vessel, when the blood flow gets worse, there is a bad influence on that part and in the worst case the tissue necroses and it will not be able to fulfill the original function. One of the best examples is blockage of the coronary arteries surrounding the heart (stenosis) and stenosis (blood flow) inhibits blood flow to the myocardium, resulting in damage to the heartIschemic heart disease, Symptoms once also called heart attacks occur.

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By minimizing the influence of aging of this blood vessel, we can lower the risk of cardiac disease, especially at the age of age. To that end, you should take a healthy meal, avoid smoking and do appropriate exerciseIt is said that it is goodHowever, from the newly published research results, it is revealed that the health state of the blood vessel is kept in a better state for a longer time by appropriate exercise according to each individual.

The research team conducted a survey on 102 people who were 60 years of age or older who had exercised so far. First, the state of the artery of each person is measured, and then, according to the number of days exercising the subject per week, "2 days or less", "2 days to 3 days", "4 days to 5 days", "6 days to 7 It is classified into four groups of "Japan and Japan". Among them, the group of "two to three days a week" is said to be "casual exercisers" (those who carried out casual exercise).

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Then, as a result of the survey, it became clear that performing "casual exercise" throughout his life resulted in the youthfulness of the medium-sized blood vessel which delivers oxygen-containing blood to the head and neck. " It was. And furthermore, "On the other hand, in persons who exercised 4 times to 5 times a week, in addition to the health of blood vessels of medium thickness, the thick blood vessels that supply blood to the chest and abdomen are also in a young vessel state It is also made clear that it is becoming ". This means that there are things called proper momentum for maintaining the health of blood vessels having various thicknesses existing in the human body, and as the amount of exercise increases, the influence of good health also increases to thicker blood vessels It is shown that the tendency is that it is.

One of the researchers stated, "This research is very exciting, which leads to keeping the heart young and developing an exercise program to return the old heart and blood vessels to their previous state." I will. As a next step, the research team says to investigate whether it is possible to undo cardiovascular damage and aging back to its original state.

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