Research results show that working in VR is overstressed and leads to reduced productivity

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is developing '

Horizon Workrooms ', a virtual conferencing tool that uses virtual reality (VR), and Microsoft is also developing ' Mesh for Teams ', a VR conferencing tool. Companies are working on building workspaces using VR. However, the latest paper 'Working in VR is overstressed and leads to reduced productivity' has been published.

Quantifying the Effects of Working in VR for One Week
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Working in VR is more stressful and lessens productivity. Big surprise | PC Gamer

Study Finds Working In VR Is Less Productive, More Stressful

A research team, including Jens Grubel, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the Coburg University of Applied Science in Germany, said, 'Working with VR continues for a week to see if working in virtual space is feasible. , Quantify the work efficiency. ' All participants in the experiment were university staff or researchers.

Subjects were required to use the VR headset Meta Quest 2 and the keyboard ILLUMINATED KEYBOARD K830 to do their usual work for a week using the Chrome Remote Desktop in virtual space. The reason for using Chrome Remote Desktop is to remotely monitor the work efficiency of the subject. The reason why he did not use a higher-spec VR headset in his research is that 'there was nothing else that could provide an experience comparable to working in a physical desktop environment.'

Of the subjects who participated in the test, two experienced nausea and migraine headaches, so they decided to retire on the first day of the experiment. The remaining subjects work in VR on a schedule of working 8 hours daily and resting for 45 minutes. When a questionnaire survey was conducted on the subjects regarding VR work efficiency, 35% of the subjects answered that 'the work load increased' and 42% answered that they 'felt frustrated'. In addition, 11% said that their work was adversely affected, 19% said that they felt anxious while working, and 20% said that their mental health had deteriorated.

In addition, 48% of the subjects answered that 'eye strain increased', 36% answered that 'VR usability was low', 14% answered that 'workflow deteriorated', and 16% answered 'production'. The sex has deteriorated. ' The results of these questionnaires are basically subject to the subjectivity, but it is worth noting that so many items still give negative results.

In addition, this survey aims to 'clarify the shortcomings that exist in the work experience in the VR space and clarify the points for improvement', and emphasizes that it is to support the construction of the VR platform in the future. It has been.

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