"Cat Workout" introducing how to train with a cat

Creatures that have pins and standing ears and whiskers, "crying" and crying creatures, people who receive dearly love, cats. It is a movie that introduced how to train with the cat.

Basically it seems to be used instead of weight, but is not that disgusting? The cat also does not move away and does not move and is quiet.

Details are as below.
Cat biseps who trains biceps brachii.
YouTube - Cat Workout: Biceps

Katto twist of exercise twisting the body.
YouTube - Cat Workout: Cat Twists

Cat lifting cat lifting.
YouTube - CatWorkout: PowerLifting: Catlift

Cat Lange giving weight to legs.

The abdominal muscles that put the cat on the belly, the cat crunch.
YouTube - CatWorkout: Crunches

Cat meditation. Perhaps cats put it in deeper meditation.
YouTube - CatWorkout: Meditation

Besides theseCat Workout's official websiteAlthough various training methods are introduced, it may be better to suppress exercise moderately so as not to be disliked by cats.

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