Successfully shooting a movie at the very moment that the shark attacks tremendously

The group who was diving using the "Shark Cage" which can see the sharks in South Africa at the latest, succeeded in photographing the movie that the shark attacks the cage at the latest. As it is scheduled that the sharks will appear there as it is scheduled to diving using the cage in the unlikely event, the appearance of the shark that bites the cage with ghaziagasi is horror itself.

Best Shark Attack Video - gigantic Great White Shark in South Africa while Cage Diving - YouTube

A movie begins where a shark approaches the side of the cage and the woman screams.

A shark that showed me a large body outside the cage

Nose of our head nodded ... ...

I bite into the pillar of the cage.

Sharks cease attacks, stop biting around here and there.

Eventually, sharks will give up and go home.

Traces of shark attack are clear on the pillar.

It seems that the gap of the cage has spread a bit ... ....

It has long been known that sharks will keep biting in this way. In 2013Woods Hole Oceanographic Research InstituteThe following movie shows a survey conducted by REMUS SharkCam on the West coast of Mexico.

REMUS SharkCam: The hunter and the hunted on Vimeo

REMUS SharkCam has six cameras attached to this elongated body.

The camera covers the front, front, front, rear, left, right and rear.

Shark's appearance crossing the back of the camera nicely.

Eventually, I think that it became quiet ... ...

Suddenly, sharks have begun to attack.

A shark that can not break a body and leaves the body.

Although the direction of the camera has been slightly misaligned, this is also the attack from the back.

It seems that you are sticking to the body, so you can see the body of the shark soon.

After that the shark attack was repeated many times ......

After bite, sharks that will set off attacks in succession also appeared.

It seems to be trying "Eat here and break it?"

Eventually, I gave up and left.

Trying to lift the camera ......

It is not the level of scratching scratches, but the part as if you made a hole with a hammer.

Then, what do the sharks usually eat? A dissecting movie by expert researcher Antonella Preti is released on YouTube and you can know the contents of the stomach.

A Mako Shark's Last Meal - YouTube

It is Antonella who is exploring lumps in serious looks.

However, when this small thing is not a shark, it is not so much, a part of "what came out of the shark's stomach" to the last.

Time restarted a little in the movie, restarting from where you opened the shark's stomach that arrived.

This stomach seems to have been taken from such a huge shark.

What came out of the stomach ......

Digested seals.

I was swallowed.

Besides this, fish and squid ......

I am eating sea birds and others.

There was a scar that seems to have been attached with a shark's tooth to the front bile of the seal.

The stomach is as enormous as a blanket.

Not only the large lumps but also the liquids that remained at the end were examined, rumbling and bones came out.

Speaking of sharks, the representative of panic movies "Jaws"It is 40th anniversary," Movie to understand in 3 minutes "movie is released on YouTube.

Jaws in 3 Minutes - 40th Anniversary Tribute - YouTube

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