A big success in the rescue activities of two boys left behind in the muddy stream of the river which Drone has increased

There was a water accident that the river increased water and two boys were left behind in the rock. When rescuing the two boys that had been left behind, the fire brigade used a drone for aerial photographs and it became clear that this was a big success.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015, the Andros rockin river in the town of Mechanic Falls in Maine province in the state of America boosted, and the 12-year-old and 18-year-old boy was left behind in the rocky area near the center of the river A water accident happened. At the time of the accident, a 12-year-old boy was wearing a life jacket, but the 18-year old boy did not wear a life jacket, and flowing became very fast in a rising water Dangerous condition to cross a river was.

Two boys left behind by rocks in the center of the image. The 12 - year - old boy is wearing a red life jacket but the other one is not wearing it.

In order to rescue the two boys, a lot of rescue workers have gathered from the Auburn fire department on the scene, but among them the one that plays a major role is the chairman of Frank Rome and "DJI Phantom 3It is a drone for aerial photography. "We used a drone and carried a string to ensure that the life jacket was delivered to the rocks in the center of the river," the Roman chief will talk about the success of Drone at the time of the accident.

An 18-year-old boy takes a string the dragon has brought.

Untying haul line from the drone.

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A state where two people left behind by the rocks in the middle of the river dragged the string that Drone carried and received life jacket from the river bank is released in the movie.

Auburn Fire Department

The AFD responded to assist Mechanic Falls with a swift water rescue. Oxford FD, Maine Game Wardens, Mechanic Falls PD and Androscoggin County Sheriffs Dept. Two young people had been trapped on a rock in the middle the As rescue lines were set up down stream and a haul system was configured to allow for an inflatable rescue boat to be placed into the water to effect He was instructed in how to untie the line from the drone and then pull a life jacket to him. You are the one who is afraid of the two trapped young men, the AFD ___ ___ ___ 0 This is a good example of inter agency cooperation and the benefits of training for these demanding events.

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Two boys left in the middle of the river.

A boy wearing a white T-shirt brings a string and receives a blue life jacket in the red circle part.

Successfully getting a life jacket.

Since I wore a life jacket, it seems to say that the probability of being saved is raised with Gun, even if it is flushed to the river by any chance during rescue.

Next, something of red is being thrown, trying to pass something to two of the rocks without using the string that the drone made.

It falls to the immediate vicinity of the rocky field.

I will reach out to you hard ... ....

It gets swept by the river.

Roman chief who steered this drone stood on the right side of the image below and has a controller in his hand.

"DJI Phantom 3" which was a big success at rescue activities is Kore.

"DJI Phantom 3" allows you to quickly check recorded images at hand.

Chief Roman said, "I think that we are in the stage of starting trial and error just as to how the drones will be useful in emergencies."

Moreover, "Drone may be suitable for the search and rescue mission to find a person who has been distressed".

It has also succeeded in photographing the state of relief activities with a high performance camera mounted on the drone.

After two boys wear a life jacket, firefighters andMaine Warden ServiceRescue activities by members of the rescue boat started. Two crew members ride on the boat and head towards the rocky place.

However, the river flows very hard and the boat starts to overthrow.

A crew member headed for rescue falls from a boat alone.

While struggling hard, I managed to arrive at the rocky place. It is clear that it is a rescue operation that can be dealt with even more than imagination, and trying to cross this river without wearing a life jacket seems to be a very dangerous behavior.

First of all it seems to be rescuing from a 12-year-old boy.

I will put a 12-year-old boy on a rescue boat and try to return to the riverbank.

However, the flow of the river is extremely intense and it will start to overthrow again.

One of the members who headed for rescue fell from the boat because the boat swayed too hard.

However, because he is wearing a life jacket, he will float in the river and succeed in moving to the river bank while being caught by the boat. Even though it takes time, the reason why two boys in a rocky place wore a life jacket was obvious when seeing a member who fell into a river.

You can also see how the donor "DJI Phantom 3" who was active in rescue activities is by reading the following article.

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