Aero bike which can be exercised and work as a standing desk while working "FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro Desk Bike V 9" Review

"Aero bike" that can easily resolve the lack of exercise indoors and "standing desk" for standing work fused togetherFlexiSpot Deskcise Pro Desk Bike V 9"Has appeared. Desk bike V9 is an international trade fair in Las Vegas, USA, capable of exercising while reading and workingConsumer "electronics showHe was awarded the Innovation Award for the CES. I got the real thing, so I actually assembled it and tried it.

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The desk bike V9 that I got to the editorial department looks something like this. The size of the outer box was 82 cm x 32 cm x 81 cm.

The weight of the main body was about 34.5 kg, so we decided to carefully assemble it with two people.

Taking out the contents looks like this. On the frame of the styrofoam enveloping the main body, a desk, a pedal cover, a hexagon bolt, and an instruction manual were pasted.

I will assemble it at once. After taking out the main body, we will open the four legs with casters first.

When you firmly open your feet to the end, you hear a "click" sound.

If you open all four feet, the body will be able to stand on its own.

Next, wake up the folded pedal.

I heard a "click" and the pedal was fixed.

You can fold the pedal again by pulling the lever that was tucked inside the pedal.

After installing the desk on the main unit ......

Secure the desk with a hex bolt.

With the included hexagonal wrench, tighten the bolt tightly so as not to loosen.

Desk bike V9 basically does not require power supply from the outside, but two AA batteries are required as a power supply for display monitor. There is a battery box in the round indentation that becomes the cup holder, the electronic beep sounds when the battery is properly inserted, and the number is displayed on the liquid crystal panel.

Close the battery box and spread a rubber coaster from the top, it will be a space to put drinks and accessories. The dial under the LCD panel is a load adjustment knob that changes the load of the pedal.

Finally, cover the pedal with a rubber cover. All the assembly is completed with the above. Although it took two people, it took less than 30 minutes to complete the assembly after opening the box.

The finished FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro desk bike V9 looks something like this. The width is 89 cm, the depth is 59 cm.

The desk size including the arm rest is 50 cm × 58 cm. It is large enough to put A4-sized documents and notebooks together. The load capacity of the desk is to be less than 40 kg.

Since the gas spring is built in the pillar of the desk, you can adjust the desk height steplessly by moving the desk up and down while pressing the lever on the right side. On the official website the movable range of the desk was from 108 cm to 123 cm, but when you actually measured the height from the desk floor was from 88 cm to 125 cm.

Also, you can move the desk in the range of 20 cm back and forth while pushing the lever on the left side.

By pressing the lever at the rear of the saddle, you can adjust the height of the saddle steplessly in the range of 75 cm to 95 cm. Because gas pressure is quite strong, it is good to sit down and adjust your weight while applying weight.

I put a plastic bottle of juice on a cup holder. Since the coaster is made of rubber, there is no slipping when the thing placed slippery. However, since the depth of the cup holder is 1 cm to 2 cm, it is better to lid firmly when placing a plastic bottle.

Press the key button and the meter display will come up. Each time the key button is pressed, time, speed, distance, calorie consumption, total distance, and pedal rotation speed are displayed. Also, it is said that the meter indication disappears automatically when 4 minutes pass after stopping exercise.

The length of the pedal crank is about 13 cm, and it does not get caught in particular and it turns smoothly.

The caster attached to the foot part is "gravity brake caster", so it is supposed to be locked in the state where the force is applied from above. Even if you actually pedaled over the saddle or put your weight on the desk as a standing desk, the desk bike V9 body did not move and moved.

Desk bike V9 was said to correspond to a height of 150 cm to 190 cm, and I asked a female editorial staff of 150 cm in height to work while working on a PC.

If you look at the following movie, you can see how you actually wear desk bike V9. The sound of the pedal is pretty quiet, and the key touch sound is more clearly heard. It does not disturb the work.

FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro desk bike How to pedal while working while sitting on V9 - YouTube

The load adjustment knob was firm, and it was a little difficult to turn with one hand if it was the power of a woman.

Desk bike V9 can also be used as a standing desk by lowering the saddle to the bottom and sliding the desk to the front. When I had my smartphone or laptop computer actually operated on my desk, I could use it without problems.

When other editorial staff also used it, "If you sit for a long time, you tend to want to move your body because of poor blood flow, but as desk bike you are calmly moving because you have been exercising. There is also a voice that conscious a little at the foot, but if you lower the load, you will not be conscious as soon as you grab the pace and you can concentrate on working sufficiently. "

The desk bike V9 corresponds to a height of 150 cm to 190 cm, and an editorial staff of 181 cm in height used the desk the highest and used it. When asking for comfort, "I can work without problems, but I guess it is probably a matter of taste, but the desk would like a height of 1 to 2 cm a little more."

Next, I measured the heart rate and calorie expenditure with Apple Watch to 170 cm tall editorial staff who usually rides on a road bike, and they asked me to work while pedaling for about 1 hour.

Since it was written that "Intensity 1 to 4 is recommended for light exercise such as stress relief, warm-up and cool down" in the instructions, we decided to set it to load 4. Although the editorial staff who was testing was continuing hard without difficulty, "The bikeFreewheelAlthough it is possible to coast by coast, it is possible to rest your feet to a certain extent even while driving, but since the aero bike has to keep constantly moving, it will be a good exercise amount. "It seems that the breathing rate is gradually increasing.

"The body has been getting warmer", in a situation where all the buttons of the shirt are removed and the hem of the trousers is rolled up. Then, after 30 minutes, load intensity increased from 4 to 5.

After another 40 minutes, the load intensity has changed from 5 to 6. "I got quite a sweat," the shirt is completely removed.

Keep load strength 6 for 15 minutes, cool down while gradually lowering the load in the last 5 minutes, 1 hour desk bike work is over. Make desk bike V9 a standing desk and breath heavily on the shoulder while checking heart rate with Apple Watch.

iPhone application "activity"I saw the result with. He consumed about 660 kcal with a 63-minute exercise against 600 kcal, the standard calorie expenditure of one day by exercise. Sometimes it was set as a whole hard load setting, which means that you have cleared the calorie consumption calendar of the day in just one hour.

Next, looking at the graph of the heart rate, there is no big change in the heart rate in the first half where the load intensity 4 was over, and the heart rate is low in 30 minutes to 40 minutes when the load intensity is raised to 5 to 6 You can see that it is rising. The average heart rate was 126.

"health careBut I checked my heart rate. It is clear that the heart rate which was around 100 before exercise increased to 114 at the minimum and 143 at the maximum, and the maximum heart rate is recorded immediately after switching to the load strength of 6 in particular.

When I asked the editorial staff who got me an hour, "When I exercised, what was the most important work?" I asked, "As I raise the load to 5 or more, I concentrated my attention towards pedaling, so I focused on it The work is a little tough.When the load is raised and the pedal is kept on, the desk slightly shakes, so it may not be suitable for delicate work, so it seems that there is no problem if you watch TV etc. " . When you do work and exercise in parallel, it is good to set the load as low as recommended.

Because desk bike V9 can exercise while working at home, it is recommended for those who tend to make excuses that "I can not move easily at home". Assembling is very simple and does not require a power supply cable etc, so it is quite easy to move and clean up inside the room. Because it has high quietness, it is also a point that it can be used regardless of the time zone. Because it can be used as a standing desk, even if you do not exercise you can expect to be useful as a working desk.

FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro V9 is also handled on, and it is available at 56,800 yen including tax.

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