Self-governing person must-watch, lying down and using a laptop computer "Super Goro sleep cushion" appeared

When lying on the floor or on the bed lying on a bed and using a laptop computer, the arms and waist may end up tiring or get tired, but the ultimate item "Super Goro Sleeping Cushion" that solves such a problem is It appeared.

With this you will be able to work on falling despite falling asleep as much as you want. This is wonderful ....

Details are as follows.
Sankoreramono shop 【super grounder sleeping cushion】 lying face down, lying on his back, not tiring even with a personal computer, the ultimate rugged cushion

According to the page of Sankoreamo shop, the ultimate item "Super Goro sleep cushion" which is not tired even by using a personal computer by lying down is said to be on sale now. The price is 7980 yen. Currently production for the first time is already sold out and reservations are accepted.

This "super grounder cushion" has become a cushion that supports the whole body and the head, and it is possible to reduce fatigue etc. when working with a face down, so for long hours the computer and reading It is becoming a smoother that can be done.

This is "super grounder cushion." It is possible to adjust the height of 5 stages.

Where I actually use it. It certainly looks easy.

It can also be used as a cushion that can be reclined on the back.

Although it is a cushion that it is likely to become useless as a human as it utilizes it, it is unnecessarily producing a dubious charm ....

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