I went to "Beef and Ichinosei" which can be eaten with soft cow and rich in fried time 60 seconds

You can eat soft beef loose and melt in your mouth with raw soy sauce or specialty mountain wasabi sauce "Cows and Ichibanji"is. And the deep-fried time is only 60 seconds so the condition of the fire is insanely rare, "It's almost as if you are eating raw fishI was wondering what kind of things I can eat actually because I was concerned.

"Cows and Ichinosei" goes to the north side of Akihabara's electricity district.

The appearance looked like this, it was the afternoon time zone that arrived at the shop, but the petit queue was made in front of the shop with Zorozoro.

With this sign ...

Goodwill is a landmark of Ichinoseki. The shop name is "Ichi ni san" and it seems to read.

Since there is a menu table at the shop front, decide the menu to order while watching this, and line up in the row keeping the thoughts of cow and cheap.

Business hours are from 11 o'clock to 21 o'clock on weekdays, from 11 o'clock to 20:30 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and the business will be closed as soon as the cow is sold out.

I digest the queue of stores and think that it is "inches, entrance", because the shop is in the basement, further columns prevent it from going.

However, as cattle and itself will fly in 60 seconds, the time to wait for cooking will not be long so long.

As the clerk went to listen to the order while he was doing so, he ordered "whole beef loin and mugoro set" that he decided by looking at the menu.

There are a few posts on the aisles on cattle and it is said that according to this it is impossible to thoroughly fire through, but it is possible to adjust the deep-fried time.

Because the cooking time is short, customers' rotation is unexpectedly early, succeeding in getting in quickly in tens of minutes in line.

Then I arrived at the seat and let me take off my luggage and I came out before I caught something I ordered with Sokko soon. "Beef loin and oatrous set" has a special sauce attached to cows and cows, as well as potato salads, shredded cabbage, red rice, rice, tomoro and pickles.

This is a cow of Ichinosin. Although it looks like a pork cutlet ... ...

Looking at the cross section, it is extremely red and you can see that it is really deep fried only for a very short time.

This beef is the rightmost raw soy sauce or the special specialized mountain wasabi sauce in the middle and eat it is the one that I will eat.

Since sauce, soy sauce and rock salt are also placed on the table, it is OK of course to eat using these.

So, I will get it.

As for how to eat chestnut, "How to put wasabi on and put on raw soy sauce" is said to be, first of all it is Pakuri in this way. Beef and beautiful marbled beef loin are used, but fat is less, meat will melt in the mouth with trolley. When eating with raw soy sauce & wasabi, you can feel the umami and umami of the meat bathe, you will also understand the feeling that it makes me want to say "as if you are eating sashimi." However, it seems that wasabi is using powdered wasabi, it is strongly hard, so it is necessary to adjust the amount well and eat it.

Cow and his clothes are very thin and meat is not too much fat so you can advance your meal without getting stomach. Furthermore, compatibility with rice is inevitable, and when you eat it together, you become more uneasy and you can taste the moment of bliss.

Then I tried to eat it with special sauce wasabi sauce. Specialty mountain wasabi sauce can feel the taste of wasabi as it is eaten by itself, but when it is eaten with meat it hardly felt the hotness so it makes it a source that can be eaten without problems even by people who do not like wasabi It is. The sauce is a medium sauce mixed with chopped onions, etc. Good texture of Shakisaki is accented. Personally, it is more uneasy than the combination of raw soy sauce and wasabi, and this source saw "the sense of eating cows" with.

There are also pickles in the set, so it's perfect for chopstick breaks.

And when I ate half of the rice, I bought a goosee with Dawn and I will go eat more.

In addition, although it seems that you catch a cow and fried fish from the counter seat, you can confirm that you are cooking while measuring the time with a kitchen timer firmly when frying, and each time the cow is fried for around 60 seconds Where I was watching was also patched.

Even if you eat slowly, the fire will not pass past the flesh with the remaining heat, you can enjoy a soft meat of medium rare perfectly until the last one. Of course, even if it was cold, the meat was soft and even a woman's guest could not completely match the appearance so that it could completely eat it perfectly.

Of course, it seems to be very popular with male customers, and those who say "I want to eat meat Gutsuri!" Add an additional cow and (700 yen), people who "want to be more satisfied!" Can have a meal instead of rice for free There is no doubt that you can be satisfied if you use this.

In addition, 'Beef loin and Mugiro set' includes 1300 yen including tax, 'Natural beef loin and a set of beef' at 1200 yen including tax feels a bit higher as a lunch, but when you want to eat meat asexually As it is a pretty ant shop.

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