Summer's classic "Nan spice chicken curry" and other Moss new items 8 items Taste Review

Mos Burger Every Year in SummerNanWe sell curry dogs using, but this year from July 8 (Tuesday)Moss's Nan spice chicken curry"When"Moss's Nan Spice Meat TacosWe released the. On the same day a hypoallergenic menu and desserts using mango are also on sale so we went to a shop to eat.

"Hypoallergen" burgers using rice flour buns (rice flour Michi gutter burger ) "Rice flour Michi mechigodog " New release - Recommended for children's toys set -
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Moss's Nan spice chicken curry special page | MOS BURGER

New fruit mango 's cool shake "fruit awaku mango shake" New release - "fruit awakening mango ice" also released at the same time -
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Arrived at Mos Burger.

Appeal new products even at stores.

When entering the shop ......

I found a new menu in the cash register. I will place an order immediately.

All menus arrive in about 15 minutes to wait.

First of all I try to eat four types of burger.

"Rice flour Michi-cake dog "Is 360 yen including tax, a dish with a pork wiener in a bread made with Yamagata rice flour. Ketchup comes with it. People who have allergies of this kind are OK as they are not using "egg · milk · wheat · shrimp · crab · soba · peanut".

Compared to iPhone 5 and Moss' Nan Spice Meat Tacos this is like this. It is a bit lonely item because it seems that just putting a wiener on it's point of view.

The pork wiener has light brown marks.

Bread made with rice flour was not bulging like bread using wheat, and it was solid.

I will try ketchup and eat it.

Buns of rice flour is quite rich in mouthfeel, it's heavily weighted because it is not inflated so much, it is slightly sweet impression. Although the pork winker is slightly small, the taste of the pig is tightly packed, and compatibility with ketchup is outstanding. The taste is not greatly inferior compared with ordinary hot dogs, there is more volume than it looks, so it seems good to eat people without allergies.

"Rice flour Ochimichi burger "Is 330 yen including tax, a dish using rice flour used buns.

It is a size that is on the palm, which is quite small compared to a normal hamburger.

Take the upper buns and it looks like this. Ketchup-based ones are used for the sauce.

Pigs using pigs are mixed with onions, carrots, corn, etc.

When eating, the buns feeling, weight, sweetness using rice flour does not change, the taste is different from the bread using wheat but the Japanese seems not to feel uncomfortable if you are used to eating rice . The sweetness was felt because Patty with pig used vegetables. This hamburger is also a little expensive, but I feel a firm impression on my stomach.

Next, Moss' summer classic NANDOG 2 items.

Moss' Nan Spice Meat Tacos (370 yen including tax) is a moss original product that multiplied Mexican tacos and Indian Nan.

Ingredients are cheddar cheese sauce · tacos · lettuce

Colorful finish with toppings of tomatoes and tortillas.

Nan has browned marks.

If it is difficult to eat, it is good to open the wrapping paper from the thin side of Nan, so I will eat it accordingly.

Fascinating making it possible to taste at once with tasty spice feeling of tacos · crispy tasty texture · lettuce shakyaki texture · mochi mochi texture. The pungent taste was not very effective, and thanks to the sauce of cheddar cheese there was richness and it was finished in a mild taste, and the sourness of tomato also matched exquisitely. It is a nice place to have plenty of vegetables.

Nan is less rich than rice flour buns, but it is more solid than bread. The price of 370 yen including tax appeared to be appropriate considering quality and quantity.

"Moss's Nan spice chicken curry (340 yen including tax)" is not a wiener but a chicken stick this year.

In the middle of Nan, ginger's Achar (Indian style pickles) is topped.

The curry sauce was a bit somewhat red, and the chicken stick was cooked and baked.

I also have plenty of shredded cabbage.

When eating from the thinner side, the sauce of the Nan and the sauce of the spicy curry are in good agreement. Curry is a full-fledged curry sauce that used about 10 kinds of condiments based on tomatoes, and since the taste of chili is working, it is a bit strict taste for those who are not good at hot food. Although it can not go up to "hot spicy", it is slightly dry so it would be better to have water and drink prepared.

The chicken stick has a somewhat weak taste, and although it fits well with curry sauce, it is unsatisfactory compared to last year's Wiener. Although ginger 's Achar does not taste hot and hot, it has a refreshing sour and well matched curry.

Speaking of curry, Lassi means plain "Lassie(S size tax included 230 yen · M size tax included 290 yen) "·" I will try to drink the fruit ahua mango lassi (S size 280 yen · M size 330 yen).

Lassie does not have the richness which it made as drool, it is one with a lot of milk and ice. Sweetness is just right, Lassie's sour taste makes your mouth refresh after eating spicy food.

Mango Lassie is a pulpy mango sauce and flesh is in the bottom, you can enjoy the mozzy texture of mango by sucking with a straw. If you add 50 yen to Lassie, you can ask Mango Lassie, so if you like mango you might as well ask for this one.

Finally"Flesh mango shake(360 yen including tax) "and"Fruit brushing mango ice(360 yen including tax) "I will eat.

Mango shake with fruit pulp contains mango fruit and sauce on top and bottom of vanilla shake.

Mango is a sweet and savory seasoning, you can also feel a refreshing sour taste. The taste of vanilla flavor shake and mango was exquisite.

Mango ice cream flesh is Taiwanese mango shaved ice using mango or condensed milk.

There are plenty of mango and condensed milk on the shaved ice.

The mangoes are the same as Lassi and Shake, and have a nice texture. The shaved ice has large ice, and the texture is as garish as possible. The taste of condensed milk is not very strong, but the seasoning is slightly sweet.

Both are limited sale until late August.

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