I tried to eat all the limited-time items of Moss such as "exquisite hamburger sand domestic bacon & cheese" "domestic-made sand domestic bacon & cheese" "omal shrimp bisque" & sweets 4 kinds

Moss burger is limited in winterAttentive hamburgers"And full-fledged"Omar shrimp bisque"We sell new sweets of two kinds, western and western from November 15, 2016. So I tried all kinds of limited - time menu that stuck to domestic materials.

Winter-only sticking hamburger "domestic bacon & cheese>" domestic production bacon & cheese> - new release on Mos Burger nationwide from Tuesday, November 15 - pr - 161101_1.pdf
(PDF file)http://www.mos.co.jp/company/pr_pdf/pr_161101_1.pdf

New real soup suitable for winter "Bisque of shrimp prawn" ~ New release on Mos Burger nationwide from November 15 (Tue) ~ - pr_161101_2.pdf
(PDF file)http://www.mos.co.jp/company/pr_pdf/pr_161101_2.pdf

Newly released autumn / winter limited sweets "gentle soy milk sweet strawberry roll" "gentle soy milk sweet blueberry chocolat" not using flour, milk, eggs, white sugar .pdf
(PDF file)http://www.mos.co.jp/company/pr_pdf/pr_161013_1.pdf

Japanese sweet "Sweet rice flake shake Azuki and black honey kinako" newly launched - "Okinawa rice cake noodle soup (granny)" will also be released at the same time together with a savory domestically produced mushroom cream and black honey with richness .pdf
(PDF file)http://www.mos.co.jp/company/pr_pdf/pr_161013_2.pdf

Arrived at Mos Burger.

"Domestic bacon & cheese" will be added for a limited time as the third bullet of the hamburger sand series.

That's why I ordered a new product "Bonfire Hamburger Sand Domestic Bacon & Cheese" (540 yen including tax). Pure white cheese is slowly melting out.

When lifting the bance, there are plenty of demiglace sauce in bacon and onion saute. Bacon uses domestic swine.

A creamy cheese that flows out when it is fuzzy. Cheese made with 100% raw milk produced by Hokkaido is cheese sticking to the material that it was made of Gouda cheese and domestic butter that aged for 4 months with a special lactic acid bacteria that produces many amino acids.

When biting with pakuri, the texture of unique patty is impressive. Patti using domestic beef and pork meat meat is thick but very soft. In salty bacon thick, sweetness of demiglace sauce and onion, and even smooth cheese without habit are combined to play harmony in mouth. As a hamburger called 540 yen, it is a relatively expensive "baton hamburger sand domestic bacon & cheese", but it has become a luxurious hamburger just enough to make a price.

"Omal shrimp bisque" (320 yen tax) is a real soup perfect for winter.

Rich tomato cream base soup is rich enough to spread the scent of prawns at the moment that it is contained in the mouth. It is a full-fledged bisque that can enjoy deep flavor, as it is added not only to the head of shrimp prawns but also to vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery etc., from the cod bones . You can also enjoy the texture of chopped onions and carrots.

Then a new sweet "easy soy milk sweet". It is said that flour, milk, egg, white sugar are not used.

"White gentle soy milk sweet strawberry roll" (vivid 380 yen including tax)

Whipped cream with soymilk, pistachio on top of strawberry topping. The strawberry sauce has been cut into a dice shape so that a pulp flavor remains.

Rice flour, almond poodle, soymilk is used for sponge fabric.

Sponge with rice flour is soft, not different from ordinary roll cake.

Even if I try to eat, Doki does not notice unless it is told that wheat flour, milk, egg, white sugar is not used. The fruit pulp of strawberries is coming in and it enhances satisfaction.

"Soft soy milk sweet blueberry chocolate" (380 yen including tax)

Chocolate cream & chocolate sauce contains plenty of blueberry pulp.

Rice flour, almond poodle, soymilk is used, flour, milk, egg, white sugar is not used.

The cream and sponge of the sweetness not to lose the sour taste of blueberries were super rich when eating together.

Western sweet Next new sweet sweets. "Brown rice flake shake azuki and black nectar" Kinako "(350 yen including tax)

Regular size is this size compared with iPhone 6s. There is also a smaller petit size (260 yen including tax).

On top of the shake is plenty of Tokachiage Azuki with Kinako Cream & Black Honey, with brown rice flakes attached.

Kitchen plenty also under the bean paste adds fragrance to vanilla flavor.

The last sweets are "Older broiled rice cakes" (granulated) (320 yen including tax)

Among the oshiri using Hokkaido-made Azuki, there are two round rice cakes made from Hokkaido brown rice. Marukchi which the texture of brown rice remained, you can enjoy the difference in texture with buchi petit of mochi mochi & brown rice. It was the best volume among the 4 kinds of dessert this time, it became a sweet which seems to be a lunch instead of a lunch.

"Baton hamburger sand domestic bacon & cheese" "Omaru shrimp bisque" "Gentle soy milk sweet strawberry roll" "Soft soy milk sweet blueberry chocolate" "Brown rice flake shake Azuki and black nectar" Kinoko "all until late March 2017 It is a limited-time product.

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