"Milano style cutlet sand" We ate "Mozzarella & Tomato" and "Cheddar & Sauce" using the new 3 Yuan pigs at the first kitchen

New work of "Milano style cut sandwich" from the first kitchen "Mozzarella & Tomato"When"Cheddar & Sauces"Has appeared on February 9, 2017. "Milano style cutlet sand" is a sandwich full of luxurious feeling using domestic vegetables, using only the loin of meat of three yuan pig sticking to the crisp texture.

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I came to the first kitchen.

Appeal "Milano style cut sand sandwich" in large pop at stores and in the store.

We received 'mozzarella & tomato' and 'cheddar & sauce' of 'Milano style cutlet sand' in few minutes after ordering. "T" on the upper right of the package is "Mozzarella & Tomato".

First of all I will try to eat "mozzarella & tomato". Buns is used for original "Focaccia" buns dedicated to "Milano style cutlet sand".

Open the buns and check mozzarella cheese, tomato filling (sauce) and cutlet on the baby leaf.

Tomato filling is tomato · onion · cabbage · zucchini · carrot · egg · red pepper · yellow pepper with fresh extra virgin oil. The bright colors of baby leaf, mozzarella cheese, tomato filling make your appetite fresh.

Eating a bite, the buns are perfect for crispy cutlets with a sense of mouthfeel. Tomato filling where various vegetables are rich and mozzarella cheese made from milk are mixed in mouth with moist fleshy meat, it is just like an Italian style sandwich.

Next we will eat "Cheddar & Sauce".

Inside the buns was plenty of cabbage.

Cheddar cheese is sandwiched between cabbage and cutlet.

"Cheddar & Sauce" combines with sweet, slightly spicy sauce-cut cutlets and tastes like Japanese style sauce cutlet rather than Milano style. The combination of sauce, cutlets, cabbage, and cheese is a straight touch of de straight ball.

In addition, "Milano style cutlet sand" new work "Mozzarella & Tomato" is provided at 460 yen including tax, "Cheddar & Sauce" at 390 yen including tax.

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