Four kinds of cheese sauce & crisp baked cheese and cheese love exploded 'Quattro cheese cheese burger' etc at the first kitchen

"Quattro cheese sauce" which blended four kinds of cheese of cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, Camembert cheese, Mascarpone cheese, and cheddar cheese tailored to a crisp texture, a total of five kinds of cheese are used as a cheese " Quattro Cheese Cheese Burger "" Quattro Cheese Cheese Bacon Egg Burger "" Quattro Cheese Cheese Onion Burger "has appeared in the first kitchen from Thursday, December 6, 2018. As a cheese favorite, "I have no choice but to eat", I ate three kinds of burger immediately at the shop.

Quattro cheese and crispy crispy fresh texture burger appeared!

Arrived at the first kitchen. Since December 6, a new burger has appeared in First Kitchen · Wendies , but please note that quattro cheese series is the first kitchen store.

Three burgers were also appealing at shop front.

After ordering, I received a burger for a while. The wrapping paper is the same for all three ... ...

There is a check column of "Quattro Bacon" "Quattro Onion", so that it is made to recognize which one. It is the most simple "quattro cheese cheese burger" that does not have any checks in either.

I tried to open the wrapping paper. From the left "Quattro cheese cheese burger" "Quattro cheese cheese bacon egg burger" "Quattro cheese cheese onion burger", the right quattro cheese cheese onion burger only looks like Boryumie.

First of all I will eat from the simplest quattro cheese cheeseburger. Speaking of cheese sandwiched between hamburgers tends to imagine what is melting with trolley, but this time the cheddar cheese is crispy baked and keeps a sharp angle.

A white lump under the crisp cheddar crispy is a quattro cheese sauce that combines four kinds of cheese, cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, Camembert cheese, Mascarpone cheese.

When I tried it, the tempered cheese sauce uses less kinds of habit, such as mascarpone and cream cheese, or it is like a rich cream sauce. That does not mean that the cheese feeling is thin, and the inside of the mouth became a cheese color by adding the rich cheddar cheese that became crisp there. It is also nice to have a rich meat sauce plus umami a while later.

Of course there are elements such as fluffy buns, lettuce of sakiyaki, patties of meat, but since the leading role is overwhelmingly cheese, it was a product I wanted to try for cheese lovers.

Subsequently, quattro cheese cheese bacon and egg burger.

Here bacon eggs are on crispy cheddar cheese.

There is no lettuce, meat, eggs, cheese, bacon, a combination of plenty to eat. However, the number of ingredients increased, probably the proportion of cheese occupying the whole was reduced, and it appeared that the presence of cheese became thin a little. There is a satisfaction feeling above the quattered cheese cheese bacon and egg burger as a condition that stagnates in the stomach.

The last is quattro cheese cheese onion burger.

This is onion rings, lettuce, sliced ​​tomatoes on top of patty, cheese sauce, crispy crisp.

Crispy onion rings, fresh vegetables, and patty with smooth cheese cream are united together, enjoying a cheese feel, and a firm burger with a firm volume. Cheddar's crispy texture became difficult to understand due to the crispy texture of the onion rings, so it is best when you are hungry, but when you feel like 'I want to fully enjoy cheese', those who chose a simple quattro cheese cheese burger are It looked good.

In addition, Quattro cheese cheese burger is 380 yen including tax separately, Quattro cheese cheese bacon and egg burger is 420 yen including tax, Quattro cheese cheese onion burger is 460 yen including tax.

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