Wendy's First Kitchen 'Mash x Mash Demi Melt Burger' Tasting Review with Cheese and Creamy Mashed Potatoes Melting in Your Mouth

Wendy's First Kitchen has started offering ' Mash x Mash Demi-Melt Burger ' from December 6, 2022 (Tuesday). I was interested in a dish that combined creamy mashed potatoes with 'mushroom melt sauce', which is a combination of plenty of mushrooms and cheese, and added a rich demi-glace sauce that confined the flavor of meat and vegetables, so I actually bought it at Wendy's First Kitchen. I tried it.

Finally on sale today! Cheese melty ♪ Mash x Mash demi-melt burger is here! - First Kitchen


Arrived at Wendy's First Kitchen.

At the shop front, the appearance of a new burger was appealing.

I bought 'Mash x Mash Demi Melt Burger' and came back.

When opening the wrapping paper it looks like this.

Ingredients are demi-glace sauce, cheese sauce with sliced mushrooms 'mushroom melt sauce', mashed potatoes, cheese, patty from the top.

When you eat it, the texture of smooth mashed potatoes, the flavor of melted cheese and the scent of mushrooms, and the flavor of the meat that gushes out from the patty will all come together. The demi-glace sauce, which has a slightly thicker taste, sets the contours of the cheese sauce and mashed potatoes, making it a burger that you won't get tired of until the last bite.

``Mash x Mash Demi-Melt Burger'' can be purchased at all Wendy's First Kitchen stores from Tuesday, December 6, 2022, and the price is 740 yen including tax. Also, from the same day, the `` Jr. Mash x Mash Demi Melt Burger (540 yen including tax) '', which is one size smaller and easier to eat, the classic winter `` Mushroom Melt Burger (650 yen including tax) '' and `` Jr. Mushroom Melt Burger ( 450 yen including tax)' is also on sale.

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