I tried Domino Pizza's 'Burger Pizza' which topped pizza with a large amount of 100% beef patty and Pizza x Patty x Rice's greedy menu 'Big Duck Burger Pizza Rice'

Four types of ' Burger Pizza ' series, which realized a greedy combination of 'Pizza x Burger' by topping plenty of juicy patties on pizza, have appeared in Domino Pizza. In addition to the ' Burger Pizza Quattro ' where you can enjoy all four types of burger pizza, there are side menus such as ' Big Duck Burger Potato ' & ' Domme Nos' Burger Potato ' and 'Pizza x Patty x Rice' where you can enjoy potatoes and patties at the same time. ' Big Duck Burger Pizza Rice ', which realized the supreme combination, also appeared, so I actually ordered it and checked the taste.

Burger Pizza Quattro | Domino Pizza


``Burger Pizza Quattro'', ``Big Duck Burger Potato'', ``Domi 'Nos' Burger Potato'' and ``Big Duck Burger Pizza Rice'' arrived. As a result of ordering around noon on a weekday, it was delivered in about 90 minutes.

◆ Burger Pizza Quattro
'Burger Pizza Quattro' is a pizza where you can enjoy 4 types of burger pizza: ' Big Duck Burger ', ' Domi 'Nos' Burger ', ' Cheddar Bacon Burger ' and ' D's Exquisite Cheese Burger '. The burger pizza series also has a `` double beef topping '' that can double the amount of meat, so this time I ordered the `` double beef topping '' of `` Burger Pizza Quattro '' in R size. The dough is hand tossed (regular crust). The 100% beef patty is a chunk of brown meat that is commonly topped on all pizzas.

'Big Duck Burger' is topped with burger sauce containing patties, pickles, onions and mayonnaise on pizza dough.

When I try to eat it, the sauce is completely the taste of `` sauce on hamburgers '', and combined with a large amount of pickles & patties & cheese, it is finished in a taste that can only be thought of as a cheeseburger. However, since the dough can feel the hardness firmly, I also felt the feeling of 'eating pizza' at the same time.

'Domi 'Nos' Burger' is topped with plenty of meat sauce in addition to patties and mini tomatoes.

The sauce is sweet and contains a large amount of patties, making it a very luxurious meat sauce. It is also a point that the dough has a soft texture like buns because the meat sauce soaks into the dough. Overall, it feels like eating a 'burger with plenty of meat sauce', and when you finally eat the crispy part at the end, the pizza feeling is so thin that you remember 'I was eating pizza.'

'Cheddar bacon burger' is topped with bacon in addition to patty & pickles.

When I try to eat it, it has a pizza-like taste in contrast to 'Domi 'Nos' Burger', and it can be said that it is 'a pizza topped with a lot of meat'. The taste of cheddar cheese is stronger than patty and pickles, and the taste of cheese is the leading pizza. Bacon had a weak presence, and the scent of smoked bacon was sometimes felt.

'D's exquisite cheeseburger' is covered with cheese on the surface.

A lot of patties were hidden under the cheese. It is finished in a taste such as 'burger seasoned with cheese instead of sauce' like

Lotteria's exquisite cheeseburger , and the aroma and saltiness of cheese maximize the umami of patty. The pizza dough kept a dry feeling and felt that it was the most compatible with 'pizza' and 'burger' among the four types.

◆ Big Duck Burger Potato
'Big Duck Burger Potato' looks like this. Plenty of patty and sauce on thick-sliced french fries.

When you eat it, Patty & Pickles & Sauce gives you a strong 'hamburger taste' and you can feel like you are eating potatoes and hamburgers at the same time. It can be said that the pickles have a refreshing taste, but the potatoes are full of hokuhoku and plenty of patties, making it a menu that is quite filling and filling.

The bottom of the container contained crispy cheese with browning, and I enjoyed the change in texture.

Domi 'Nos' Burger Potato
'Domi 'Nos' Burger Potato' has plenty of patty and meat sauce on the potato.

The taste has a strong sweetness of meat sauce, and the overall taste is far from hamburgers. The juice coming out of the tomato was accented, and it was easy to eat even though it was a gutsy type.

◆ Big Duck Burger Pizza Rice
'Big Duck Burger Pizza Rice' is made by putting sauce on top of rice, putting patty and burger sauce on top, and grilling the whole like doria.

It is a 'pizza' element that is crispy and browned on the surface cheese, and the rest can be said to be 'hamburger-flavored doria'. However, the burger sauce flavor dominated and the cheese flavor was hidden behind. The compatibility of rice with burger sauce and patty is surprisingly outstanding. By soaking the sauce into the rice, it has a unique texture and taste that is different from the 'rice burger', and it is a menu that you can definitely enjoy if you like hamburgers.

All the menus I ate this time have appeared in Domino Pizza from January 16, 2023 (Monday). The price is different for take-out and home delivery, and for take-out, `` Burger Pizza Quattro: R size (double beef topping) '' is 2144 yen including tax, `` Big Duck Burger Potato '' is 699 yen including tax, and `` Domi 'Nos' Burger Potato''. is 650 yen including tax, 'Big Duck Burger Pizza Rice' is 999 yen including tax, and for home delivery, 'Burger Pizza Quattro: R size (double beef topping)' is 4289 yen including tax, 'Big Duck Burger Potato' is 699 including tax Yen, 'Domi 'Nos' Burger Potato' is 650 yen including tax, and 'Big Duck Burger Pizza Rice' is 1299 yen including tax.

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