Mos Burger releases four variants of Focaccia

Limited for the period from December 26 (Tuesday) to mid February 2007· "Cream of Fresh Mushroom Cream Focaccia with White Sauce of Vegetables and Cheese"(340 yen including tax) will be released.

Furthermore, from January 12 (Fri) of 2007, it is limited to green moss"Lotus rooty vegetable salad papaya mustard chicken Focaccia"It will be released. Here is tax included 350 yen.

Details are as follows.Mos Food Service, "Vegetable and Cheese White Sauce Tailored Mushroom Cream Focaccia" will be released for a limited time only

"White sauce of vegetables and cheeses cream Focaccia of vegetables and cheeses" with white sauce that arranged cheese flavored cream stew in white bread

Yellow of chicken soaked in mustard is brilliant "Lustrous flavored root vegetable salad shredded mustard chicken Focaccia"

It is said that the following items which had been released before will also be sold again.

"Smoked sausage barbecue sauce barbecue sauce barbecue sauce BBQ Focaccia" featured by the hickory flavor that left the vegetables simmered on the left, "Hokkaido Ikeda cho north croquettes Focaccia using Hokkaido Ikeda-machi using the original katsuza"

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