Moss Burger releases two types of hot dogs for a limited time only

The only time added to the hot dog series for a limited time is "330 yen including tax" 290 yen including tax, "Cheese fondue tailored, basiled mashed potatoes with mashed potatoes Qi Fung dog" with "Demi cuts dog with original dei sauce". Demi cut dogs are Mos Burger nationwide and Qi Fond dogs are to be sold only from green February 16th (Fri) to mid April.

Details are as below.
~ The royal road New product tailored to hot dogs for Western food of popularity ~
"Demi cuts dog", green moss limited "Qi Fond dog" new appearance!

Each feature feels as follows.

"Damn cut dog with original demi-sauses" is a hot dog with an original demi-cut sauce across a shredded cabbage and a cut with fried pork fillet fillet.

"Cheese fondue tailored, basiled flavored mashed potato cheefon dog" is a hot dog with cheese fondue sauce plus several cheese and wine, brandy etc on sausage. It seems that mashed potatoes and sliced ​​onions are also included as ingredients.

It is luxurious content that seems to be able to eat regularly just inside. Also, it will be renewed bread for hot dogs, so it seems quite possible to expect it, according to the release of 2 new items this time.

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