I have eaten Tully's 'Ball Park Dog Ratatouille & Mascarpone' with Mascarpone cheese sauce at Ratatouille with a rich flavor of vegetables

The ballpark dog Ratatouille & Mascarpone, a new taste for spring and summer, appeared on February 22, 2019 for a limited time on the popular menu of Tully's coffee 'Ball Park Dog' that imaged a hot dog on the stadium in the US I will. I have eaten it actually because it is a dish with cheese sauce containing creamy mascarpone in ratatouille rich in vegetables.

Launch 'Ball Park Dog Ratatouille & Mascarpone' from February 22 (Fri) with ball park dogs with rich taste of vegetable richness.

Arrived at Tully's coffee.

At the shop there was a board to appeal for the ball park dog Ratatouille & mascarpone which I wanted.

When sitting and placing an order, "Ball Park Dog Ratatouille & Mascarpone" (450 yen including tax) was offered in about 5 minutes.

Compared to transportation type IC card, it is about 2 cards in size.

A large sausage and ratatouille are sandwiched between rye bread. On top is a cheese sauce with mascarpone and basil and time are scattered.

You can see the eggplant and zucchini leaving shape in Ratatouille.

When eating, the taste of Ratatouille spreads in the mouth. Ratatouille has tomato, eggplant, paprika, zucchini etc, but among them the taste of the base tomato is strong, the other vegetables are mixed and become one complicated flavor. While eating you can feel the rich fragrance of basil, spices of time, but Mascarpone cheese is sandwiched between Ratatouille and spices and the claim is somewhat weakened. The sausage that made it crispy in the hardened rye bread was becoming a hot dog of presence.

"Ball Park Dog Ratatouille & Mascarpone" is offered for a limited time from February 22, 2019 at Tully's Coffee nationwide.

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