Burger King has released three types of 'Mexican Avocado Whoppers' with spicy Mexican flakes made with 11 kinds of spices, so I tried them

The 'Mexican Avocado Whopper', which combines a direct-fired beef patty and avocado with spicy Mexican flakes made with 11 kinds of spices, appeared at Burger King on Friday, May 17, 2024. The Mexican Avocado Whopper comes in three varieties: ' Mexican Avocado Whopper ', ' Double Mexican Avocado Whopper ', and ' Cheese Mexican Avocado Whopper ', so I tried all three to see what they tasted like.

The 'Mexican Avocado Whopper' is back! Grilled beef and avocado go perfectly with authentic spicy Mexican flakes made from 11 different spices! Choose from three flavors: 'Mexican,' 'Cheese,' and 'Double.'


Arrived at Burger King.

At the entrance to the store, three varieties of the desired 'Mexican Avocado Whopper' were on display.

So I ordered two each of the 'Mexican Avocado Whopper,' 'Double Mexican Avocado Whopper,' and 'Cheese Mexican Avocado Whopper' and took them home.

◆Mexican Avocado Whopper
First, try the 'Mexican Avocado Whopper'.

When I took it apart, I found a beef patty topped with avocado, Mexican flakes, pickles, onion, tomato, and lettuce.

There were 4 slices of avocado.

I was expecting a rich taste because it was a hamburger with avocado, but when I ate it, the avocado was not very prominent, and the taste of the spicy Mexican flakes and juicy beef patty stood out. Because there was only a small amount of avocado, there were times every few bites when the avocado did not fit in my mouth. On the other hand, the Mexican flakes kept coming into my mouth, so I was able to fully enjoy the Mexican food-like atmosphere of tacos.

◆Double Mexican Avocado Whopper
The Double Mexican Avocado Whopper looks like this.

The beef patty has doubled, and the amount of avocado is also significantly more than the Mexican Avocado Whopper.

When you eat it, the smooth avocado spreads across your tongue, giving it a rich flavor. You can also enjoy the taste of the two beef patties, which are just as rich as the avocado. The spicy Mexican flakes add a nice touch to the overall flavor. The spiciness of the Mexican flakes and the freshness of the vegetables worked well together, so I was able to eat it all the way to the end without getting bored. The Double Mexican Avocado Whopper has a lot of avocado in it, so if you like avocado, I recommend the Double Mexican Avocado Whopper over the Mexican Avocado Whopper.

◆Cheese Mexican Avocado Whopper
Finally, I will try the 'Cheese Mexican Avocado Whopper'.

The composition is almost identical to the 'Mexican Avocado Whopper,' with cheese sandwiched on top of a beef patty.

When I ate it, I could taste the cheese, but it was hidden behind the Mexican flakes and beef patty and wasn't very noticeable. I also felt that the cheese flavor made it difficult to taste the avocado, which was already quite sparse.

The 'Mexican Avocado Whopper' is 840 yen including tax, the 'Double Mexican Avocado Whopper' is 1,190 yen including tax, and the 'Cheese Mexican Avocado Whopper' is 940 yen including tax. They will be available at Burger King for a limited time from Friday, May 17, 2024.

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