"Flash Element TD" making various towers and repelling intruders

Blizzard Entertainment's made "Warcraft 3"Although it is said that it was particularly well done in real-time strategy games, this" Flash Element TD "was inspired by Warcraft 3. The goal is to build a tower with different ranges and damage and repel the enemies coming in groups. Upgrading the tower will increase attack power and rage range.

Flash Element TD | Novel Concepts

If the above page does not open, it is possible to play the same game at the following link.

Flash Element TD

At the beginning you started with gold 40. The first tower has three damage types, "Arrow" with a small attack but a fast attack speed, a slightly slow attack speed but a large damage "Cannon", and "Air" combining the attack power, the speed and the range there. Enemies have attributes, most of which are Land attributes, but some have Air attributes. Arrow can attack either, but Cannon can attack only the Land attribute, Air can attack only the Air attribute.

Attack power rises when upgrading. Some things get extended range, and can damage around you.

There are also enemies that move quickly, not only to increase attack power, but also attack speed.

Today, if you go to level 30 you will move on to the bonus stage, enemies with 5000 will come out as well. Because I could not defeat this flock, the score had stopped at 1800 ... ....

During the game, you can get wood every 7 levels and use it to build a tower with water, fire and earth attributes. It is also possible to raise income. Let's use these well.

Also, the game with the same concept as this game is the following game.

Tower Defense By Roman Sanine - JV Games
http://www.jeannettevejarano.com/games/tower-defence.html(Site closure)

Play Roman Sanine Tower Defense Game Free Online(The same game as that on the link above)

This is also a similar game, but enemies invade arbitrarily every 20 seconds. The following comment field may be a hint of capture.

Akimoto @ Cybozu lab, programmer, blog: Tower defense game

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