Race game "Flash Cat" aiming at the goal while becoming a cat racer and blowing off enemies

A racing game that manipulates an insect-type aircraft on which a cat racer got on and runs through a course that was stretched in the air is "Flash Cat". If there are no side walls on the course and there is no control, it falls far to the bottom of the abyss, various kinds of obstacles block the finish and monsters appear and you can enjoy a very exciting race.

Flash Cat - A Free Game by Nitrome

The operation method is steering wheel operation on the left and right of the cursor key, the small jump with the up key, and the brake with the down key. Also, if you have items, use space keys.

Five types of items. "F" is an insect bullet that attacks enemies and obstacles, since it is launched linearly, you should aim at shooting while driving at high speed. "S" is a shock wave that blows off all the enemies on the course, it is quite convenient as it knocks down enemies as far as it can see. "T" is used even when using a turbo, jumping table, it will not reach the landing point. "B" uses mega bounce, a spring to do a big jump even in the air. "I" will not get in the way of invincibility, even if you hit an enemy or obstacle as if you took a super mario star, but if you go out of the game it's over the game.

All 18 courses are available.

The goal is to score as quickly as possible while picking up points on the course.

Jump using the jumping base! There are also quite a few things that fail and fail.

A wall that blocks the course. Let's destroy with insect bullets and proceed.

Some monsters are wandering around in some places.

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