Mos Burger, commitment vegetable "Thousand vegetable burger" released for sale

Mos Burger announced the release of three new items "Thousand vegetable burger", "Caesar salad burgers" and "Caesar salad dogs" from Friday, August 31. Caesar salad burgers and Caesar salad dogs are for a limited time until mid-October, Thousand vegetable burger joins the classic menu as a renewal product of "Fresh Burger".

Details are as follows.
(PDF file)~ Salad style hamburgers and hot dogs using Moss' commitment vegetables ~
"Thousand vegetable burger" "Caesar salad burger" "Caesar salad dog" new release! It is!

◆ Caesar salad burger
Caesar salad with hamburger sauce. It is made to be able to eat deliciously with Moss's commitment vegetables and combined ground patty. It is also possible to put "ingredients of moss" sandwiching ingredients with lettuce instead of buns. 300 yen (tax included).

◆ Caesar salad dog
Aiming for a combination that can deliciously eat vegetables and meat, hot dog with sanchu added. Caesar salad sauce with cheese flavors, ingredients are supple tooth touch sanchu, sausage chewy texture, fresh lettuce, tomato balanced sweetness and sourness, onion that tightens the whole with killing. 320 yen (tax included).

◆ Thousand vegetable burger
On sliced ​​onion, thickly cut tomatoes, shredded lettuce on top of a juicy mixed ground meat patty, clipped in a buns with a Thousand Island style sauce, renewed the source of fresh burger. Like the Caesar Salad Burger, you can also eat "Moss's Lunch". 300 yen (tax included).

It seems that 3 items are considerably vegetable and are healthy oriented. Speaking of Caesar salad, there is an impression that Crouton is riding, but it seems that there is no crout indeed.

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