Lotteria introduces plenty of "double straight burger" new release

Lotteria will release "Double Straight Burger" and "Double Cheese Straight Burger" sandwiching two patties from Friday, April 27th. The price is 350 yen (tax included) for Double Straight Burger, 380 yen (tax included) for Double Cheese Straight Burger.

Details are as follows.
Lotteria releases two items such as a plenty of burger "Double Straight Burger"

"Straight Burger" released from 2006 seems to have been attached in the sense that it is a direct ball game, it is made by examining the material as a product representative of newborn Lotteria, it seems that it became popular item of Lotteria.

The first straight anniversary of the straight burger release, it is said that double straight burgers will be released, which makes two beef patties of commitment, plenty of vegetables plus a sense of volume and a healthy feeling. It seems that it is a product that responded to the needs of people who have not been satisfied with a hamburger until now or who want to eat a hamburger with a balanced nutrition.

As a feature of the product, Mr. Patty utilizes the mouth feel of the vegetables in the buns which kept moist and eclipsed, and the patty seems to be soft and juicy by adding onion and bread crumbs. In the double cheese straightburger, she squeezed cheese between Patty and finished in a product of unbearable satisfaction for cheeseburger lover.

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