Presence of huge mushrooms "Vegetable Burger Mushroom & Beans" Tasting Review

Freshness burgers did not use the meat sold in 2010, jumbo mushrooms are "Vegetable Burger (Mushroom)We will release it from Tuesday, September 10. Botanical patty using three kinds of beans at the same time "Vegetable Burger (Beans)I was going to release it, so I went to the store at once.

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Arrived at the freshness burger store.

I entered the shop and ordered at the cash register immediately.

The vegetable burger has also been switched to the menu on the cash register.

Wait 5 minutes and a vegetable burger mushroom and beans arrived.

Vegetable burgers (mushrooms) are characterized by jumbo mushrooms as big as buns. I am very anxious how it is cultivated.

Buns used are sesame vans.

Take the top buns, you can see egg-free vegetable mayonnaise, special balsamic sauce and jumbo mushrooms.

Special balsamico sauce is entering in the folds of the mushroom.

Looking at the mushrooms from above, it looks like this. Looks like a little dumpling shiitake.

While growing vegetables it exudes its presence like meat.

Below the mushrooms are baked onion, green curl, tomatoes, vegetarian-style burger with vegetables in addition to the leading jumbo mushrooms.

After all the mushroom has a presence like beef patty. I will eat it.

First of all, the taste of the sour tasteful balsamic vinegar sauce spreads in your mouth, and you feel the richness of mayonnaise. The mushrooms are juicy with juice like juice like chewing. If you eat the mushrooms with the same feeling as meat, you may feel a little unsatisfactory, but it is finished in a burger that has a well-balanced taste with vegetable material.

Jumbo mushrooms are quite thick. It is unnecessary to see such mushrooms on supermarkets, etc., and the number of sales at stores is limited.

Vegetable Burger (Beans) is also a healthy burger using vegetables.

I got tomatoes.CaponataRed's appetite intensifies.

When opening the upper buns, the aroma of basil spreads, you can see vegetable beans that blended mayonnaise, eggplants, tomatoes, caponata, and three kinds of beans.

Under the patties slice onion and green curl can be confirmed, vegetable preparation.

I decided to eat it at once.

First of all I feel Italian combination of basil scent and tomato flavor. A glutamic acid plenty of tomatoes and patties of beans are joined by mouth and it is a taste like spicy chili beans. The texture of vegetable beans using three kinds of beans is close to meat and it is a pleasant place to easily grain and vegetables.

Beans patty feels a little unsatisfactory as a ingredient of a hamburger, but it may be suitable for breakfast etc. because it never leans.

Both Vegetable Burger Mushrooms and Beans are priced at 480 yen including tax, and both will be sold for a limited time. Vegetable burgers (mushrooms) are also limited in quantity at the store, so it seems better to go for people who want to eat at an early time.

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